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UPDATE: Man falls to his death from Janesville parking ramp

By Shelly Birkelo
September 3, 2015

JANESVILLE—A Janesville man died after falling from the top level of a downtown parking ramp early Thursday morning.

Police identified him as David R. Galvan, 36, of 452 Blaine Ave.

“We have video on the parking ramp, and we are certain there was no foul play,” said Lt. Keith Lawver, head of detectives.

Cameras were installed on the parking ramp last year. They do not cover the area where the man was before he fell, but they do show him riding his bicycle to the top of the ramp, and they show he was alone, Lawver said.

Witnesses saw Galvan sitting on the top ledge of the ramp with his feet dangling off the side before he fell, according to a police news release.

Police have heard from no one who saw the fall, however, Lawver said.

Lawver knew of no interaction between Galvan and the witnesses.

Some of Galvan's property was found on the top level of the ramp, including his bicycle, a backpack and a bottle of alcohol.

Lawver said an autopsy and toxicology tests will be completed.

Police responded to the parking ramp, 13 N. Parker Drive, shortly after 1 a.m.

“When the man was found, he was still alive and pronounced dead after being transported to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center,” said Lt. Chuck Aagaard.

Aagaard estimated Galvan fell at least 40 feet before landing in the alley between the ramp and the back of The Looking Glass tavern.