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Your Views: Dental diagnoses can be subjective and objective

By Letter to the editor
August 31, 2015

I feel compelled to respond to the recent negative comments about local dentists in The Gazette’s Sound Off column.

The vast majority of dentists have nothing but good intentions when formulating a treatment plan for their patients. A thorough dental exam, necessary for an accurate diagnosis, is both subjective and objective. In other words, the patient reports symptoms and the dentist performs tests. There are many variables to take into account for each patient at any given point in time.

One of the Sound Off comments claims that orthodontic (tooth straightening) treatment was quoted at from $10,000 to $20,000. In reality, the average cost is $5,000 but can become more costly when surgical intervention or implants are needed. Every case is different.

Many of our local dentists provide care to underserved populations at Dental HealthNet here in Janesville. This clinic operates solely on their volunteer efforts because these dentists genuinely care about the state of dental health in our community. We should be commending the efforts of our local dentists, not painting a picture of dishonesty.


Dental assistant instructor

Blackhawk Technical College