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Your Views: Elected officials in Madison should halt war on workers

By Letter to the editor
August 27, 2015

I think most people in Wisconsin are aware by now that there is an ongoing war on working people, especially the middle-class worker.

Some of our elected officials will not give up trying to lower the wages and benefits of our middle-class workers. What they should be doing is spending more time bringing the low-paid workers up to living wages. This would save the state a lot of money because these workers would be able to get off of entitlement programs.

Some of our elected officials in Madison are going to the extreme and show no signs of letting up.

The one thing these people in Madison should think about is that we, the working people in Wisconsin, can fire them at the next election. Then it will be their turn to find good-paying jobs with benefits.

With the laws they are passing, there won’t be any good-paying jobs. Maybe the big billion-dollar corporations they are working for now will hire them. But of course it will probably be part time with poor pay and no benefits.