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Your Views: Ronnie Thomas did much to keep LaborFest alive

By Letter to the editor
August 27, 2015

I am writing in response to the Labor Day festivities being shut down.

I was a good friend of Ronnie Thomas and was always so impressed with his drive and his loyalty to the union. He might have been in the bars all summer, but he was selling tickets for LaborFest.

In the end, while his wife was dying, he still was out pounding the pavement, trying to sell tickets just to keep LaborFest alive. He could have been home with Delores, but he had a fierce loyalty to his co-workers and comrades. Ronnie always sold more than anyone else, and no one has yet to try to fill his shoes. You all scream “union,” yet not one of you or even six of you can begin to hold a candle to Ronnie Thomas. I can say this because I was the one caring for his wife.

Please, if you believe in the union, rally, rally rally. Otherwise, you will get exactly what you put into it—nothing!

God bless Ronnie and all his hard work to keep what he believed in alive. Can any of you say the same? I hope they never bring back General Motors because you are all about the perks, money and easy work!