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Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 23: Dogs, stoplights, Walker, education and gas prices

By Greg Peck
August 23, 2015

On stoplights: The person who synchronized the stoplights at Humes Road should go back to the first grade. What a waste of gasoline and time out there. That's ridiculous.

On police dog: Regarding the death of the police dog at the PGA Tournament, I was wondering what type of discipline there is for the officer. I understand he checked on him multiple times, and obviously the alarm didn't work and neither did the air conditioning. But if that happened to my dog, I would be charged with a felony. Police dogs' lives matter, too.

On good Samaritans: On Aug. 15, I took a bad fall at Traxler Park and want to thank all the wonderful people who came to my rescue until the ambulance arrived. They were awesome. I ended up with several stitches above my eye and broken bones in my hand. The first gentleman who was there was so kind, compassionate and helpful, as was everyone else.

On Milton schools: Since the projection is that enrollment will remain flat or decline for possibly decades, my vote as a taxpayer barely getting by is to eliminate the unrealistic job of communications supervisor and use that $125,000 plus in wages and benefits to maintain what we have or put it in a fund for the next 10 or 20 years as a future building fund.

On Congressman Ryan: The two city council members complaining about Ryan not doing anything for Janesville are right on. He did nothing to really go after GM when it left, the unions, you know. Ryan only shoots his mouth off when re-election rolls around.

On gas prices: Where is the outcry over the broken gas pricing? When the WTI crude price was $1.07, the pump price was $3.60. When the WTI price hit $42, 65 percent lower, the pump should be $1.44 or lower.

On GM: It plans to move most Buick production to China. This after taxpayers bailed out GM. Did President Obama negotiate assurances from GM that jobs would stay in America? Of course not. He's the worst negotiator in history. Bottom line: The bailout was not for GM, it was for the UAW, which had to be saved because it funds the Democratic Party.

On Scott Walker: It's time he steps up to the plate and puts his big boy pants on. His travels around the country seem to center on small towns and delivering the same old rhetoric he has for the last two years: He won three elections, beat down the unions and so forth. The media don't even cover half of his stops. He has nothing new to say.

-- The article on Page 5A Wednesday suggests Walker believes Republicans in Congress have not yet tried to repeal Obamacare. If he really thinks that, he must not be paying attention. They've tried many times.

On dentistry: In response to Wednesday's Sound Off, one of my friends worked for a local prominent dentist who routinely prescribed unnecessary crowns. She was horrified by this lack of ethics and left the practice. So be forewarned, if you are looking at hundreds of dollars in dental work, get a second opinion.

On inmate death: Dante Tyreese Wilson complained of chest pains and trouble breathing while in the Rock County Jail. Even without a medical degree, I know this is very serious. Shame on those involved for not transporting him immediately by ambulance to a hospital.

On urban chickens: From experience raising chickens, it's a mistake in any city or town. Chickens attract varmints, foxes, wolves, rats, weasels and birds of prey. They also influence dogs to chase after them instinctively, much like cats to mice. Support your farmers and get your eggs and chickens from them.

On football section: I saw your football insert (Wednesday), which was very informative, but I don't understand why you have Beloit Turner in here but you do not have the Beloit Memorial Purple Knights.

On Interstate speeds: The 70 mph limit is a joke. I drove 250 miles last Sunday on Interstate 90 and at 70 mph passed a couple of trucks. Cars are doing 75 and 80 and no police in sight on my trip. Drivers just increased speeds 5 to 10 mph over old limit. Driving at the posted limit on this crowded Interstate is very dangerous. Where is the State Patrol?

On pit bulls: Another week of pit bull dog attacks. Two killed a toy dog last week in Monroe. When will Wisconsin cities outlaw these killers and send all outside of city limits?

On teachers: The Janesville School Board needs to start evaluating all teachers. Unfortunately, Janesville is losing way too many teachers, and it's time to look at it. Is it because of Superintendent Karen Schulte? Come on, school board, let's get on board and pick out why we're losing all our good teachers.