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Web Views for Friday, Aug. 14: Tom Rogers, police volunteers, barbecue business, annoying word usage

By Greg Peck
August 16, 2015


On late assistant city manager: As I grew up, Tom Rogers was THE guy at City Hall that made sure the job was done right by the city and developer. Quite a bit of what I learned from Tom helps me be a better city council member. Truly a class act.

-- Douglas Marklein

-- I had numerous occasions to call Tom hoping for favorable disposition on policy matters. Tom’s answers were always consistent. In the voice of a southern gentleman, Tom Rodgers always responded with a truthful explanation of the city’s position. I search for a better word than respect. I find none. Tom served Janesville well.

-- David A. Johnson (former Gazette general manager)

On police seek volunteers: Good concept, bad idea! Police work involves too much sensitive information, and this will attract too many wannabes. If PD needs more officers, then hire more officers. Any volunteer would probably need to be extensively supervised by a PD employee anyway to ensure they don’t break the law.

-- badger man

-- Seems plausible. … Many years ago, I had a top-secret security clearance. I spent many years attending corporate board meetings, discussing sensitive subjects. Many of us would be quite capable of leaving what we see or hear at the door. I’m sure the chief would love to just hire more officers. However…

-- Crappie Man

-- I find this interesting considering your “volunteer” city council would like to be paid now. Maybe if they were on the force and are now retired. I agree about badgerman’s comments about “wannabes.” No way.

-- Lily

On barbecue business: Sounds good. I’ll be stopping in and checking it out soon! Also, very nice to see this story on the front page of the print edition, I hope it brings Mr. Grace added success to the hard work he is putting into this venture.

-- Solo_Voce

-- A wonderful success story, thanks for printing it! I hadn’t heard of this and almost never get to that part of town, so if it weren’t for your story, I wouldn’t have known about this opportunity. I love good BBQ, and the best I’ve had always comes from mom and pop, nonchain places. I will make a special trip to try this out. Can’t wait!

-- Northman

-- Love hearing about new food choices! My husband and I tried the brisket for lunch. It was just heavenly! He has a new customer for life. This is definitely at the top of the go-to list. So glad I saw the article in the paper or he would be one of Janesville’s best-kept secrets.

-- jackson park

On sunflower field draws crowd: I noticed them the past week or so and wondered why they were all facing east and not tracking the sun. Now I know! Very nice to see a large field of something, and organic to boot, in the earth in Wisconsin besides corn or soybeans. Hope they turn out great.

-- Solo_Voce

On international students: The $24,000 per student sounds good, but after expenses what is our cost? This is the number we need to know! How many special teachers will we need? … What do they cost us?

-- new user

-- The public never knows any details until it is too late.

-- wislady


On annoying word usage: I don’t like some of the uses of the word “grow” in the news today. I don’t think “We can grow the economy” or “I want to grow my business” sounds right. It may not be grammatically incorrect, but it sounds awkward to me.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- How about banning the most annoying, overused word in the history of mankind: Awesome.

-- Crappie Man

-- Peeve: a source of annoyance or irritation. And just what makes a peeve a pet?

-- *****

-- I’d agree with most of yours, though “Miss Picky” is a little overboard with “youse guys.” Those of us from the Chicago area grew up hearing that daily (including from teachers), so it tends to stick. … My latest is the use of “absolutely,” particularly on home improvement shows. “Would you like to fix X?” “Absolutely!”

-- Northman