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Milton set to begin water system work

By Jake Magee
August 13, 2015

MILTON—Residents' water and wastewater utility bills will rise 3 percent and the city will borrow more than $2.8 million over 15 years to pave the way for eventual residential expansion.

The city will begin work this year addressing issues with its water system, paying special attention to a subdivision on the south side of Milton. While most of the city is flat, the Tower Hill subdivision, named for its close proximity to one of Milton's two water towers, is slightly elevated.

“At this point, we have very low water pressure in certain parts of the city,” City Administrator Al Hulick said. “The higher you get up, the less pressure is created through the gradient pressure system.”

The area is the site of future residential expansion when the residential market makes a turn for good, he said.

When homes are eventually added in the area, the pressure will drop below state Department of Natural Resources regulations. The city will add two booster stations in the area to make sure water pressure stays adequate for any future development, Hulick said.

“We're not at that level, but we recognize with additional development we could get to that level,” he said.

Residents in the area will notice a slight increase in water pressure by the time water system work is done in mid-2016.