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ProjectLab: For $3.5 million, this fixer-upper could be yours

By Andrew Reuter
July 22, 2015

Like flipping houses?

Have a few million to spare?

Then look no further. This 60,000-square-foot home in Manvel, Texas, could be yours for a mere $3.5 million.

From the listing:

"This is a unique opportunity to have more than enough room for the entire family inside and outside! SHELL of 60,175 sq ft brick home with 9 car attached garage on approximately 15 acres."

Though the sellers say there are “more bedrooms than you can count,” they take a stab at it anyway. There are 46 bedrooms, according to the listing. Generations upon generations could live in this home, with no risk of seeing each other.

The place needs a ton of work to be liveable, even before you consider its massive size.

“Whoever buys the property will probably need to take it down to the building shell and the studs,” said Mona Miller, a member of the Christy Buck Team at RE/MAX Top Realty in Houston.

You might be wondering, “What the heck would I do with a house that big?” Here are a few ideas:

—A zombie-invasion training center. True, zombies are fictional. But what if they're not?

—An indoor go-kart track. All you need are some floating power ups and an excellent insurance policy.

—A new home for the village of Glen Flora, Wisconsin. Even with two people per bedroom, there's still a room for guests.

What's the story behind this home? offers some details:

"The home, described by Homes of the Rich as ugly and weird, was built 14 years ago by a doctor and his wife. The couple originally planned to use the home as a live-in rehab facility for the doctor's patients.

Before the home was finished, the couple built a smaller structure on adjacent property, which they apparently ended up using."

At least it's not haunted. (Probably not, anyway.)

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