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Best of The Gazette, June 23: Dads, birds and an herb society

By Andrew Reuter
June 23, 2015

The Gazette publishes a lot of news in a week. Combine that with all the distractions a weekend brings, and that means there's a good chance you might have missed some important stories. Here's a look at of some of The Gazette's best content from the last week or so:


Former Janesville teacher suing city for releasing information

A former Janesville elementary school teacher is suing the city of Janesville, saying the police department improperly released information about her.

From the heart: Card brings Father's Day greeting, again

RuthAnn Yoerger of Evansville hand delivered the same greeting card to her dad for the 37th time this Father's Day.


Cox's two-run single, solid pitching give Craig Division 1 state title

It takes a team to win a state championship. And the bottom of the Cougars' lineup showed that at Fox Cities Stadium on Thursday night.

Ted Peck: Still following Dad's advice

Ted Peck's dad will be gone 25 years this September, but Ted still thinks of him at least five times a week—usually when hunting or fishing.


Our Views: For safety reasons, please keep I-90/39 project on schedule

No one wants to play politics with tragedy. It's reasonable to assume, however, that a planned freeway expansion could have prevented one recent crash, The Gazette Editorial Board writes.

Steven Walters: Milwaukee Bucks arena deal might force Capitol overtime

Nobody wants to blamed if a team leaves, but a vote to subsidize pro sports can easily be turned into a 30-second attack ad in your next election.


Restaurant Review: Ignore decor; Marc's Fusion Cafe is about fantastic food

If you ask the locals, many will tell you Marc's Fusion Cafe is one of the best restaurants in town, Joan Neeno writes.

Milwaukee gears up for rockin' good time during annual Summerfest celebration

The world's largest music festival will actually start a day early this year to make room for The Rolling Stones' Zip Code tour—the band's first North American tour since 2007.


Janesville Area Herb Society wants to share its secrets

For nearly two decades, Janesville's herb society has been exploring new ideas, educating the public and enjoying its members' company. Now, the group wants the community to join in.

ProjectLab: Bear of an engine offers backup power at Beckman Mill

Beckman Mill in Beloit has been using water power to grind up grain since the 1860s. But sometimes, there's just not enough water to run the mill. That's where the park's beastly antique engine comes in.


Xtra Points: Janesville Craig's state baseball title dreams, the Ray Fischer and Finals recaps

This week on Xtra Points, Sports Editor Eric Schmoldt and writer John Barry talk Craig Cougars, the upcoming Ray Fischer golf tournament; and the Stanley Cup and NBA finals.

Glen Loyd Videos: New discovery while documenting eagle family

Videographer Glen Loyd makes a surprise discovery while documenting the life of an eagle family.