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Rep. Debra Kolste says she erred in column about UW System

By Gazette staff
February 6, 2015

MADISON—Rep. Debra Kolste issued a correction to a column published in The Gazette on Thursday.

Kolste, reporting on the impact of proposed University of Wisconsin System budget cuts, wrote that, “the system stands to lose 34,000 jobs.''

“If the $300 million is cut from the university system, it is safe to say that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs will be lost,'' Rep. Kolste said in a news release Friday. “The number is not 34,000, however.''

The 34,000 figure came from a line item in the proposed budget. It is the number of jobs projected to be transitioned from the state to the public authority proposed by the governor.

“I am appalled by the proposed cuts to the University of Wisconsin System, but I want the public debate to be based on the facts,'' she said.