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Your Views: With Iran nuclear deal, is Obama serving us?
The International Atomic Energy Agency won’t have access to inspect the Parchin nuclear site. This is one of Iran’s main sites for producing bombs and missile launchers.
Your Views: Where is government aid to save struggling small businesses?
While going through the process of closing my business, I sought help from banks, our congressman and state agencies. There’s no help.
Your Views: Jim Tropp and his troupe do it again with ‘Miss Saigon’
The Rock River Repertory Theatre ... presented to us a period in time that may not be the most comfortable but has moved us to tears.
Your Views: Financing system limits presidential aspirations
What would that son or daughter have to do to be in a position to gain the billionaire support necessary to attain such a lofty goal?
Your Views: Writer thinks wife's letter spurred vandalism
We didn’t realize our opinions were so important to you. As least we are glad that someone is paying attention to our views.
Your Views: We must elect leaders who support public schools
It’s not just money that can solve the problems of schools. There needs to be an attitude adjustment on the part of critics of our schools.
Your Views: Join Aug. 26 conversation about racial equality
It is time to talk openly and honestly about racial equality in Janesville, Beloit, Rock County and our entire region of the state.
Your Views: Public deserves answers about Janesville School District’s International Program
I have yet to talk to anyone in the community who is in favor of this program, unless they are an administrator, board member or a teacher who is personally involved.
Your Views: Congressional candidate Tom Breu’s logic on debt makes little sense
I agree with Rep. Paul Ryan that our debt is spiraling out of control. The last few years are particularly ludicrous.
Your Views: Russ Feingold, Tammy Baldwin must explain support of Planned Parenthood
Because the media won’t ask them for statements about Planned Parenthood’s illegal actions, readers should contact them and ask for statements.