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Michael Gerson: Republicans stoke the fire of bigotry
The Constitution offers the proper response to the question of whether being a Muslim is disqualifying for the presidency.
Greg Peck: An open letter to Janesville’s litterbugs
What makes you think anyone wants to pick up after you? Your mother would be ashamed.
Jason Stanford: How the Marines wasted $36 million
You don’t want women who are weaker and smaller than men to serve in combat roles? Fine, only let in the biggest, strongest women.
Esther Cepeda: New film brings home the Vietnam War
A visit to the traveling version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a new PBS documentary on Latinos' role in the conflict helped this writer relate more to the war.
Kathleen Parker: Some GOP contenders were right on the money (question)
Despite the relative insignificance of the changing faces on our currency, the candidates’ answers during Wednesday's debate were revealing.
Greg Peck: Why I’m looking forward to my class reunion
I know what I’ll be doing Saturday—enjoying another reunion with the Marshall High School Class of 1975. It’s hard to believe we’ve hit number 40.
Michael Gerson: GOP must overcome wreckage of Summer of Trump
Trump's damage is not merely an intellectually hollow campaign driven by the resentment of foreigners; it is the suspension of an essential GOP reform process.
Charles Krauthammer: Putin’s gambit, Obama’s puzzlement
By pouring weaponry and troops into Syria, Vladimir Putin is asserting Russia's influence in the Middle East and trying to make it the dominant outside power.
John W. Eyster: How are you celebrating U.S. Constitution Day?
John W. Eyster: How are you celebrating U.S. Constitution Day?
Thursday marks U.S. Constitution Day, the 228th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. But what would life be like if that day never happened? John W. Eyster asks.
Peter Funt: Arrest of Texas student is evidence of too much fear
Ahmed Mohamed’s father told the Dallas Morning News that his son’s treatment is a clear case of Islamophobia. It is that, and more.

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