On the Lakes: Cool spring marks opening season

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Dave Duwe | May 10, 2017

Geneva Lake fishing report 5/8/17 through 5/14/17

Fishing season has finally arrived! Opening Day was the first Saturday in May for gamefish in Wisconsin.  With the cooler spring, the fishing is getting off to a somewhat slow start. The best bite on the lake has been the pan fish in the shallows of Abbey Harbor or Trinke's. The game fish have been a bit sporadic so far.

Smallmouth bass have been biting while using two different methods. The first is a hair jig fished suspended in the water column about 5 feet down in 12 feet of water. The best colors for the jig are pink and white. The best locations are by the South Shore club or Elgin Club. The second method is a football head jig with a root beer colored Arkie Crawlin' Grub. The best location for this bite is the main lake point, like Maytag, Cedar and Conference Point. For right now, the green slimy weeds are not a factor when fishing on the bottom. The bass are in a pre spawn pattern.

Crappie fishing has been good in Williams Bay in 10-12 feet of water. The best action is on the east side of the bay. The fish can be caught on either white plastics or small fat head minnows. The fish are located about 3-4 ft off the bottom.

Largemouth bass fishing has been spotty with the cooler water temperatures. The best location for the bass are in Abbey Harbor or Trinke's Harbor. These locations have a bit warmer water than the rest of the lake which helps keep the fish more active. My best success has come off of night crawlers fished on a split shot rig or 4-inch green pumpkin Senkos.

Perch fishing has been good by Knollwood and Rainbow Point. The perch can be caught on a thill slip bobber with a small fat head minnow fished two feet off bottom. The best depth is 6-8 feet of water.  The perch bite will be consistent with the cooler water, once the water starts to warm they will be more difficult to locate.

Lake Trout fishing is good. They are located off the shallow rocky main lake points, such as Conference Point, Black Point and Rainbow point. Slip bobbers with lake shiners are producing most of the catches.  The best depth is 8-10 feet of water.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063  


Delavan Lake Fishing Report 5/8/17 through 5/14/17

Opening Day is here!  Delavan is substantially colder than typical for this time of year. Fishing is a bit more challenging than other years.  Hopefully the weather starts heating up so the fishing improves.

The best bite on the lake is crappies. They are in 12 feet of water about 5-6 feet down. The best location is the docks on the north shore. Chartreuse plastics fished on a 1/32-oz. lead head jig are producing the most fish. I have been cruising along the shore until I find an active school. Once found, I anchor and fish that location for a while.

Walleye fishing has been great at night. Look for them in 12 feet of water approximately 8 feet down.  Trolling purple crank baits has been producing most of the success. The best location is by Assembly Park or the Village Supper Club.

Bluegill fishing has been good in the shallows near Viewcrest Channel or Highlands Channel. You want to fish a bobber with an ice jig or wax worm.  Fish the ice jig about 1 foot off bottom. The bluegills are weeks away from spawning. Once they start spawning the fishing will improve and the bigger fish will be found.

Northern pike fishing has been average. The pike are in the shallow bays. I've found fish in Viewcrest Bay, Highlands Bay  and Browns Channel.  I have been using medium suckers fished on a 1/0 hook. The best bet is in 6 feet of water. You want to place the bait about 4 feet below the surface. I have been anchoring in scattered weeds and casting into the openings.

Largemouth bass fishing has been sporadic. Due to the cooler water temperatures, the fish aren't concentrated in the shallow waters just yet.  I've been catching a few fish by the outlet and a few in front of Lake Lawn Resort. The best success so far, has been on split shot rigged night crawler or a green pumpkin Senko.  I've been working a depth of 4-5 feet of water.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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