County board chair announces her pick for vacant seat

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Staff | March 7, 2017

Walworth County Board Chair Nancy Russell announced her choice of Bill Norem to serve in the vacant District 2 seat.  Norem had previously served on the county board from 1996-2004 and served as the county board chair from 2002-2004.  

For Russell, Norem's experience serving on the Board was the most important factor in her choice.  

“In weighing the needs of our board at this time, first-hand county board experience is a critical factor,” Russell said. “There is a considerable learning curve to our organization.  In addition to the loss of Joe Schaefer --43 years-- since 2014 three other supervisors have left our board, including Jerry Grant, 16 years; Rick Stacey, 12 years; and Rich Brandl, 6 years. While turnover is inevitable, we have one of our newer boards in many years--just over six years average experience--with four members having served less than three years. Bill Norem has a thorough understanding of county government and would be able to hit the grounding running. This will provide our newer members with valuable additional time to learn more about our organization and assume leadership roles.”

Russell thanked all of the applicants for their interest in the position.  

“We were fortunate to have received applications from 11 residents willing to serve,” she said. “Rick Stacey subsequently withdrew his application.  Each applicant brought attributes to the job. Unfortunately, only one person can be selected to serve.”

Norem will serve the balance of the term left vacant by the death of long-serving Supervisor Joe Schaefer.  Russell encouraged all of the applicants to run for the next term which will begin in the spring of 2018.

Norem's nomination will be considered by the County Board at its meeting on Tuesday, March 14.

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