New computer system for seniors installed at Holton Manor

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Staff | February 13, 2017

Holton Manor recently received a generous donation which allowed them to purchase a new computer system designed especially for seniors. It's Never 2 Late (iN2L) promotes learning, and helps seniors discover technology in ways that work for them. Large icons and a picture-based operating system make it easier to use. Seniors can stimulate their minds with challenging games, enjoy music and TV shows from their past, explore places of travel from an armchair, perform interactive exercises that help improve strength and coordination, and much more. IN2L can be personalized for each user and activity levels are matched to each resident's ability. The system also has email and a webcam so residents can interact with their families.

“The mission of Holton Manor and their parent company, Wisconsin Illinois Senior Housing, Inc. (WISH) embodies all that is right with community-focused not-for-profits: to serve those who need our assistance at a vulnerable time in their lives, returning any excess funds to the facilities and their residents, and continuing to evolve as needs and resources change,” said Robert Siebel, President of Carriage Healthcare Companies, Inc., management company for Holton Manor.

That mission is why Holton relies on the Elkhorn community for continued support, both financially and through volunteers. In addition to needed funding, volunteers are also an ongoing need. Residents are always interested and engaged when students or other groups come into the building to do crafts, or share their music or talents. Volunteers are also needed one-on-one to visit with residents and brighten their day.

“In spite of enormous pressures on post-acute and senior care, WISH continues, as it has since 1998, to provide the best care and services possible. The generosity of others is invaluable to help Holton Manor continue not only the expected services, but the little extras that can bring a smile or improve a day,” Siebel said.

Holton Manor is the only non-profit 501(c)(3) skilled nursing community in Elkhorn. As a non-profit, Holton Manor relies partially on donations from the community to continue their mission of serving seniors with exceptional rehab therapy and long term care services. Proceeds after operating expenses are reinvested back into the facility to positively impact residents' lives. Funds are used for building upkeep, updating technology and rehab therapy equipment, increasing entertainment, events and activities for residents, and more. All improvements are intended for the purpose of improving the lives of seniors.

Holton Manor's non-profit status allows them to serve all socioeconomic levels of the elder community in and around Elkhorn. Over half of their residents are Medicaid recipients with the state of Wisconsin providing funds for their care. Medicaid funds, however, are well below the actual cost of the quality of care for which Holton Manor is known.

Holton Manor has served the Elkhorn community for over 35 years and plans to continue their service for decades to come. Tax deductible donations to benefit Holton Manor can be made on their website at For information about volunteer opportunities, please email Terry Wescott at [email protected]

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