Superheroes, spirits feature in plays at WAA

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Staff | March 29, 2016

WHITEWATER—Ever wonder what it would be like to talk to the dead or have super powers? Come to the Whitewater Arts Alliance's Cultural Arts Center, 402 West Main Street, on Friday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. or Saturday, April 9 at 1:30 p.m. and find out.

Two short staged audio plays will take you to where the dead and the living mingle – and ordinary humans find not only love, but super powers. Both are written by award-winning audio dramatist and Whitewater resident Kathy Brady. The performances are free.

The first play is “Highway 47,” a lighthearted comedy about Cassie, a contemporary career woman and her two best companions, folks who happened to have been killed along her commute on the highway. Meghann, a feisty 16-year-old who died while in search of the perfect prom dress, relies on Cassie for the girl talk she finds sadly missing now. And Marvin T. Gotlink, a crusty ghostly farmer finds in Cassie a surrogate daughter and a much needed research assistant to learn of the “varmints” who stole his farm. For Cassie, her dead buddies teach her about life in the beyond, provide the perfect ears to listen to her career challenges – and help see her through the surprise ending of this play.

“Superheroes: A Love Story” is a quirky romance featuring Stan and Darla, two 50-somethings who have found love later in life. As part of a scheme to spend as much time together as possible, Darla gets them jobs with The Organization, where they work together, clad in tights and capes, as superheroes. Their words are not only their super powers, but also what tends to get them into trouble from time to time. Set in the unspecified future, Darla and Stan live in an interesting time where they still use cars to commute to work, but employ time travel to get their jobs done. You will be right there as their relationship gets put to a critical test.

The casts are composed of students and staff from the College of Arts and Communication. Both productions are being directed by James Butchart, Professor, Theatre/Dance Department. The cast of Highway 47 includes theatre students Morgan Gorman as Cassie, Makenzie Smith as Meghann, and Brandon Haut as Marvin. The cast of Superheroes includes Kathy Brady, Associate Professor, Communication Department as Darla and Jim Mead, Director of UWW-TV as Stan.

Guitar and flute music will be provided by Andy Ellefson and Kathy Brady before the dramas and during intermission.

The Cultural Arts Center is located on 402 West Main Street in the historic White building near the Birge Fountain. Parking is behind the building. An elevator is available for access from the parking lot entrance.  

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