Church service features 'singing bowls'

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Artist Diamond will perform rainbow-colored crystal singing bowls as part of an interfaith church service on Sunday, Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. at the Good Earth Church of the Divine, located in the big brown barn at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, W2493 County Highway ES, East Troy.

During Sunday's event, people will be able to “stroke” on of several small bowls to send their prayers out to the world for healing. The service offers some of the peace of an ancient tradition that began four to six hundred years before Christianity.  Buddhism is one of the fastest growing religions on Earth in the present time. 

Following a short service with prayer bowls, the performing artist, Diamond, will offer an hour-long experience of this 'sound bath for the soul.'  The Singing Bowl performance is not meant in any way to teach Buddhism.  It is meant, however, to convey respect for an ancient spiritual tradition that has helped millions of people find their way to a spiritual practice.

Art from centuries ago shows singing bowls used in Tibet; metal singing bowls are used in Tibetan monasteries today. Some art collectors have bronze singing bowls that date back to the 15th century in Asia.

Today, some non-traditional health practitioners are using crystal singing bowls for similar purposes. A soft mallet is used to strike or rub different sizes of quartz bowls to create unique melodic tones, depending of the size of the bowl. The tones are meditative, helping people let go of everyday pressures and concerns, and find a quieter “space” within their minds that is less restless and more comforting.  Within such a space, some people find a connection to the higher power they call the Divine.
Readings for the Sunday service will come from The Bells of Mindfulness, an essay by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist monk, poet and peace activist.  

The Good Earth Church of the Divine is a regional Interfaith Community welcoming all traditions, www.goodearthchurchofthedivine.org

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