Local nonprofits share their Christmas wish lists

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Catherine W. Idzerda
December 13, 2015

JANESVILLE—Nothing is more annoying than the moralizing voice of conscience.

It's aggravating.

You're out Christmas shopping, buying breakable plastic toys for the kids and pajamas for the older relative who already has everything she needs, when the voice of conscience pipes up with, “We already have so much.”

Stupid conscience.

This year, you can provide your conscience with a snappy comeback in the form a gift for a local charity.

All charities need money, of course. But if you enjoy shopping for just the right gift, consider buying something from a local charity's wish list.

The complete wish list for local charities is online at gazettextra.com/wishlist.

In addition, The Gazette invites local charities to continue to add their wish lists throughout the holiday season. Charities can add their lists as gazettextra.com/nonprofits.

Here is a sampling from the online wish list:


Description: Provides Christmas gifts to children in Rock County Child Protective Services.

Needs: Wrapping paper, tape, gift bags and boxes, gift tags, tissue paper, gift cards, makeup, perfume, cologne, nail polish sets and hair accessories.

For information or to arrange for pickup: Call 608-774-2040, email [email protected] or visit www.rockinkidschristmas.org.


Address: 1650 S. Oakhill Ave., Janesville.

Needs: Copy paper, dry erase markers, AA batteries, tissues, paper towels, Clorox wipes, garbage bags. Items can be dropped off or sent to school.

For information: Call 608-754-2759 or email [email protected].


Address: 147 W. Whitewater St., Whitewater.

Description: Organization does low-cost spay/neuter, trap/neuter/return, and rescue and adoption for less-adoptable and special-needs cats and kittens.

Needs: Gas cards, clumping litter, blank “Thank You” cards, laundry detergent and stamps.

For delivery information: Call 608-201-3241, email [email protected] or visit commcat.org.


Description: Provides trained volunteer adult mentors for kids facing adversity.

Needs: Legal pads, file folders, copy paper, manila envelopes, stamps, laptop computers in good condition and gift cards to Wal-Mart, Target or Staples.

For pickup information: Call 262-728-8865, email [email protected] or visit bbbs4kids.org.


Address: 205 N. Main St., Suite 102, Janesville.

Description: Provides services for at-risk youth.

Needs: Snack foods; cellphones; tablets; pop; school supplies; bath and beauty products; and gift cards for fast food meals, pizza, haircuts, manicures and movie rentals. Also needed are paper, Post-It easel pads, folders, manila folders, and projector and speakers for a computer. Items can be dropped off or sent to the office.

For information: Call 608-756-0815, email [email protected] or visit rcyouthnetwork.org.


Address: 102 Maple St., Evansville.

Description: Provides Evansville residents with opportunities for lifelong learning and programs and activities for seniors.

Needs: Case of candy bars for bingo prizes, cases of printer paper, stackable plastic storage bins with lids, heavy-duty clear trash bags and industrial shelving for storage room. Items can be dropped off or sent to the main office.

For information: Call 608-882-0407, email [email protected] or visit creeksideplace.org.


Address: 20 S. Main St., Janesville.

Description: Provides adult students with personalized instruction and language skills to increase their employability.

Needs: Dictionaries at all levels, especially the Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary; Spanish/English dictionaries; basic grammar workbooks, especially “Grammar to Go: English Grammar Practice” by Robert J. Dixon; reams of white paper; Post-Its; 3x5 note cards; folders and notebooks. Donations can be sent or dropped off at the office.

For information: Call 608-756-3125, email [email protected] or visit theliteracyconnection.com.


Description: Provides services for children from birth to 3 years old with diagnosed disabilities such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.

Needs: Boppy pillows, adaptive utensils for eating, weighted vest and lap pad kits, wiggle cushions, push toys, nosey flex cups, wooden puzzles and iPads for communication.

For information: Call 608-756-3147, email [email protected] or visit cesa2.org.


Address: 740 N. Randall Ave., Janesville.

Description: Provides unaccompanied homeless youth in Rock County with basic necessities, referrals, housing and case management to increase their self-sufficiency.

Needs: Gift cards for grocery, fast food and retail stores; men's and women's hygiene gift sets; men's and women's socks, with fun colors and patterns for women; cleaning items or kits for youth going into apartments (disinfecting wipes, dish soap, sponges, laundry detergent, toilet cleaners and trash bags); and a laptop computer for staff. Items can be dropped off at 740 N. Randall Ave., Janesville.

For information about dropoff times: Call 608-314-5501 to make arrangements, email [email protected] or visit project1649.org.

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