Woman empties gas station candy aisle in odd shopping spree

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Neil Johnson
November 23, 2015

JANESVILLE—A Janesville gas station's candy aisle and greeting card area are nearly empty after a woman spent more than $2,300 there in an odd shopping spree, according to police reports.

According to Janesville police reports, officers were called to the Exxon-Mobil gas station and convenience store at 3420 Milton Ave. at 8:20 p.m. Friday after a clerk reported a 55-year-old Stoughton woman had been at the store nearly five hours, and was acting oddly.

The clerk said the woman had bought more than $1,200 in candy at the gas station using a credit card, and then wanted to buy $1,100 in greeting cards. The shopping spree came after she had washed her truck and a boat and trailer attached to it at the gas station, according to reports.

Janesville police Sgt. Ben Thompson said officers went to the station because of concerns over the woman's welfare, based on her behavior.

Thompson said the woman seemed fine, and police found no reason to detain her. He said she left with a trove of candy and hundreds of greeting cards, and told police she was heading home to Stoughton.

Exxon clerk Bridget Weber told The Gazette the candy shelves at Exxon were still nearly empty Sunday night, and the greeting card kiosk at the store was noticeably thinned as well.

“She bought every kind of candy imaginable. There's really nothing left,” Weber said.

Weber said the woman told a clerk during her shopping spree that her husband was going deer hunting, and she hadn't had time to make him cookies before he left. She'd wanted to make sure he had enough snacks to take along.

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