Mystery Place: Former Quinn School became part of Como district

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Ginny Hall | November 20, 2015

The Quinn School was located at the NE corner of the intersection of Palmer and Petrie Roads in the Town of Geneva. It was School District No. 5.

In 1909 Henry Reynolds was the school district director. Florence Ives was the teacher that same year.  She received $28 per month during the fall term and $30 per month during the winter term. Her report indicated that the school and grounds were in good condition, the blackboard was painted boards. 

Ives had 17 students, ranging in age from four to 14 and were divided into four sections. Later Edith Gates name was added.  Ives reported that the school room was not very clean and the desks were too high for the younger children. 

Henry Reynolds was the director in 1911. This school was in the Delavan Township listing until 1930 and then it was listed in the Geneva Township listing. 

The schoolhouse burned down in October, 1945 and the children were transported to Jackson School. This school was to the north on Petrie Road, at the intersection with County H. Mrs. Ethel Brooks was the teacher that year; she had eight students. 

During the 1949/50 school year the district joined with Davidson to form Como Jt. District No. 6. A school was built in Como the next year. It had four rooms and a gym on five acres of land. In 1954 another room was added. The district attached to Lake Geneva on June 15, 1961.

The land on which the school house was located was owned by E. P. Enos according to the 1873 Plat Map. Beckwith's History of Walworth County indicates that Ephraim P. S. Enos applied for a land patent for a farm in Section 20, Town of Geneva. This source also reports that he died on March 20, 1860. His wife, Polly, is listed as his survivor. She was the daughter of Melzer Dinsmore. 

In 1873 the farm was shown to be owned by Quinn. The 1891 Plat Book indicates the ownership was Michael Quinn.

In 1907 the Plat Book shows ownership has changed to Frey, beginning with G. F. Frey.  Ownership changes to Theo Frey, Walt Frey and more recently to Allan W. & Larry C. Frey.

The 1919 Prairie Farmer's Directory of Farmers and Breeders shows Theodore F. Frey as the owner of that property, called Evergreen Mound Farm. He came to the area in 1888. Theodore was married to Emma E. Mohus.

Theodore raised Holstein cattle, Rhode Island Red chickens and Duroc Jersey hogs. He drove a Buick car and had a tile block silo on his farm.

Beckwith reports that Theodore was the son of Jacob Christian Frey. Jacob was married to Elizabeth Ott on January 10, 1878. Jacob was one of five children of Michael John and Johanna (Stolzenberger) Frey. He was born in Baden, Germany and came with his parents to the United States in 1866. The family first settled in Illinois.

Ginny Hall, a historian from Delavan, is author of the “Walking around ...” and “Meandering ... ” books, which highlight the history of Walworth County communities.


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