Mystery Place: Third generation of Kunderts maintains family farm

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Ginny Hall | October 16, 2015

Larry and Pamela Kundert's farm is located on White Pigeon Road in the town of Bloomfield, Section 19. You may remember that this road got its name from the one-room school that was located to the north at the intersection with County Highway H. The school apparently got its name from the fact that a white pigeon nested in the rafters during the construction of the school.     

Silas P. Wright is listed as the owner of this property on the 1857 map and through the 1891 plat books. The 1882 “History of Walworth County” lists him on the tax rolls for the town of Bloomfield in 1846. Albert Beckwith's history shows that Wright was born in 1815 and died in 1896 in Lake Geneva. His wife, Mary, was born in 1816.   

The 1907 and 1921 plat books show the owner of this farm as Mrs. Barnett. The next owner was Herman Kundert Sr.

Herman F. Kundert became the owner of this property in 1927. The 1919 Prairie Farmer Directory of Farmers and Breeders in Walworth County indicates that Herman Kundert already owned property in this township in Section 7.  

Herman and his wife, Freda (Hofstetter), came to the county in 1912. He raised Holstein cattle and Duroc Jersey hogs. Herman died of a heart attack in 1961.  

The next year the farm was under a living estate under the direction of Freda. When she  died in 1989, the farm was divided. Herman Jr. received a two-thirds share and his aunt a one-third share. However, Herman Jr. soon bought out his aunt.

In 1979, Herman's son, Larry, became the owner of the farm.  Larry and Pamela continue ownership of this property. In addition to farming, Larry is active in the community. He has been a member of the board of the Friends of the Lake Geneva Public Library since 1995 and treasurer since 1997. He has been treasurer of the Lake Geneva Public Library Trustees since 2001.
Ginny Hall, a historian from Delavan, is author of the “Walking around ...” and “Meandering ... ” books, which highlight the history of Walworth County communities.

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