Woman accused of smuggling drugs into Rock County Jail

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Frank Schultz
September 11, 2015

JANESVILLE—A Janesville woman is facing felony charges after being accused of smuggling drugs to her boyfriend in the Rock County Jail.

Drugs were delivered in shoes and a pair of eyeglasses, according to a criminal complaint.

Jailers discovered the scheme after the inmate survived an overdose Sept. 6, according to a criminal complaint.

Grace A. Wirkuty, 22, of 1830 Wesley Ave., Janesville, is charged with delivering illegal items to an inmate, possession with intent to deliver heroin and bail jumping.

The inmate admitted to a deputy the night of Sept. 6 that he had injected himself with Percocet tablets, according to the complaint.

A cooking tin, needle and large rubber band were found among the inmate's belongings.

Thompson was an inmate-worker and so allowed to wear his own shoes. The deputy found the inmate had shoes delivered to him 15 times between Aug. 21 and Sept. 5, according to the complaint.

Wirkuty had delivered shoes 13 times, according to jail records.

Two pairs of the inmate's shoes were examined, and investigators found “openings in which baggies could be pushed deep within the back of the shoe and which would have been difficult to detect during a search,” the complaint states.

A review of phone calls between Wirkuty and the inmate revealed Wirkuty saying she had secreted “stuff” in the shoes and the inmate saying he was “drug sick,” and that he needed the stuff to get through each day, the complaint states.

Withdrawal from opiates such as heroin or synthetic opiates such as Percocet can be excruciating.

Another conversation revealed Wirkuty saying she delivered a pair of eyeglasses to the inmate's cellmate, and the inmate saying again he was drug sick and needed what was in the glasses.

Investigators examined the glasses and found hollows in them, plugged with electrical tape and containing a plastic bag with heroin inside, according to the complaint.

Deputies arrested Wirkuty on Sept. 9 at her mother's home, according to the complaint.

Wirkuty told investigators “that she knew the glasses would not work, but (the inmate) got her to smuggle the contraband through threatening to break up with her and calling her stupid,” the complaint states.

Wirkuty is now a jail inmate. Her next court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday.

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