Web Views for Friday, Aug. 7: WWII internments, Janesville dentist, Freitag, Rep. Ryan

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Greg Peck
August 7, 2015


On Japanese American recalls internment: Compassionate man, compassionate doctor. Truly a gift to all the children and families you served.

-- Useyourvoice

-- It would have made more sense to impound Germans and German Americans because they'd blend in around sensitive areas. Whereas Japanese and Japanese Americans would really stand out around those areas. But there is the consideration that they were safer in the camps.

-- gazettefan

-- Those of us that grew up during that time understand why that happened. We were so vulnerable.

-- Oldtimer

On Janesville dentist mistaken for lion killer: Oh gosh, that is very unfortunate. This needs to be on TV also to clear it up.

-- hdonlybob

-- Only their last name is the same. How are people confused? Oh, because they are both Dr. Palmer? Our Dr. Palmer served his country and is now a dentist who took over for Dr. Smith. I was never “confused.” And “Minnesota dentist.” He is in Janesville, Wis. Different state!

-- Lily

-- These people need to get lives. They pick some easy-to-support cause from some distant place that won't inconvenience their lifestyles to make themselves feel good. Meanwhile, in our own country, children go to bed hungry or worse—are hit by stray bullets playing in their yards. Do they throw fits and try to make a difference over these real problems? No, that would take real commitment and take them out of their comfort zone.

-- Rainman

-- In my travels over the years, I have met many people, especially from the coasts, who confuse Wisconsin with Minnesota. As in “Where are you from again? Minnesota?”

-- L7

-- L7, that is very disturbing. Did you meet these people at a Waffle House?

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On Freitag's job description: Council to communicate with citizens?

-- Oldtimer

-- Clearly there was no power play. The paragraph below from the other story was misread by others.

“Freitag drafted his own revisions to the current job description. The changes mostly contain slight adjustments in wording. The largest difference is the addition of language stating the city manager 'develops and manages the city's 5-year strategic plan.'”

-- gazettefan

-- This is so much a non-issue that nobody would have known about it other than The Gazette publishing it. For whatever reason, it seems like The Gazette has made this a “Springer” show. I will admit that I am another Janesville citizen that does not attend board meetings. But this really came off as a low blow.

-- JB Sommerfeldt

On sheriff's patrols in Beloit: It's most common for cities to pay for their own extra patrols, rather than spreading the cost to area taxpayers.

-- philosophyofliberty

On meat animal sale at fair: Congratulations to all these hard-working young people.

-- new user

On two council members criticize Rep. Ryan: I must have a psychic gift. I knew who the two council members criticizing Ryan were before clicking on the link. I promise to only use this gift for the good.

-- Crappie Man

-- Some of our liberal friends seem to think Ryan has more power than Obama when it comes to funding their wants. He is chairman of the Ways and Means, not the president.

-- wislady

-- Two with their hands out. Is this the type of council member we want?

-- new user

-- Simply jaw dropping.

-- Nick Danger

-- Liberals always want to use someone else's money to pay for things.

-- witaxman

On editorial backing exotic animal licensing: Wisconsin is behind the learning curve on this one. Time to catch up and enact a law.

-- Solo_Voce

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