Janesville City Council members criticize Rep. Ryan

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Elliot Hughes
August 4, 2015

JANESVILLE—Two Janesville City Council members Tuesday criticized Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for not helping the city pay for infrastructure improvements.

Council members Sam Liebert and Mark Bobzien made the remarks during a special meeting Tuesday during which representatives of the Wisconsin League of Municipalities and Forward Janesville made presentations on their lobbying efforts at the state and federal levels.

“I find it frustrating that our congressman literally holds the purse strings of the federal budget and our roads are falling apart,” Liebert said, referring to Ryan's position as the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Bobzien then replied: “I echo Sam's comments wholeheartedly. What has he done for us lately—one of the most powerful politicians in the country?”

In an email to The Gazette, Kevin Seifert, a spokesman for Ryan, said the congressman helped pass a bill in the House last week that would continue funding for Wisconsin transportation projects.

“While most in Washington are aiming smaller, he is shooting for a six-year plan to provide communities like Janesville the resources and predictability they need,” Seifert said.

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