Web Views, July 31: City hall, chipmunk scourge, tributes to a priest

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Andrew Reuter
July 31, 2015

On new details about city legal matter: Cut it anyway you want, but a minor incident has turned into something else by City Hall. Chief Moore and his supervisory officers shouldn't be in the news over this.

—Crappie Man

—It is some members of the city council who are also guilty of micro managing this.


—It will be interesting to see who initiated this.


On Rotary Botanical Gardens photo fee: For a professional photographer, who may be lugging in a cartload of equipment, this makes sense. A pro shoot can be a disruption. … For Joe Sixpack carrying in a camera, it's absurd.


—I can't believe a $25 charge for parents or grandparents to photograph their children or grandchildren has been "well received."


—Did the Gazette photographer have to pay $25 to take a photo of the photographer doing the senior portrait photos?

—Someone Else's Dream

Editor's note: No.

On letter to the editor critical of story reporting Andrew Churchwell's death: The headline most certainly could have been toned down. It was more National Enquirer than local area paper.

—Crappie Man

—This is the headline: "Janesville man who murdered his father as a boy dies." To say that this headline is inappropriate is to say that there shouldn't have been a story. How could there not be a story?


From feature obituary on Rev. John Auby: Father John Auby was a selfless man who had such a gentle approach. Father John was truly dedicated to God's work. He and his genuine, infectious laugh will be missed. I am a better person for having known him. RIP Father John.


—He helped everyone in our family. We'll never forget his laugh and the unselfish way he always found time for us. Absolutely an amazing man that was happy doing God's work.


—May God rest your soul, Fr. John. You will be missed very, very much.


From ProjectLab column on chipmunk scourge: Terminate, with extreme prejudice. The nasty little buggers have chewed up my A/C wiring, tunneled into the basement, and undermined the front walk.


—If you set traps, be prepared to indiscriminately catch critters and even birds in them ... and to then dispose of the dead and maimed creatures.


On Thumbs Down to pharmacy clerk who pulled gun during robbery: Sorry, Gazette, it was a "bad situation," and the victim had every right to defend herself.


—Wow Gazette, your thumbs down to a law-abiding citizen using a gun to stop a criminal is mind boggling.


—Gazette you are so out of touch. If he had a gun and she didn't she would have been killed. The police cannot protect us.


From Gazette reviews of 4-H fair food: I love reading your entertaining stories. It's like I'm there! And I add my disdain to twig boy's metabolism, even though I dig that hair!


—While at the fair, be sure to visit my food stand. Soup On A Stick. … Also try our Deep Fried Lard In A Bucket.



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