Web Views for July 24: Editorials on council pay, Parker coach; amphitheater, BB gun shooting, Cooper's hawk

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Greg Peck
July 24, 2015


On editorial backing council pay: Show me $20,000 in spending cuts to offset the salaries, and I would go for it. Otherwise, it will mean another tax increase to cover the amount. If the salaries are small compared to the $43 million budget, then cutting just $20,000 should be trivial.

-- Northman

-- Council pay does have its merits, but to be brought forward by a council that is under fire for its spending priorities is, to use a popular political term, tone deaf.

-- Nick Danger

-- Gazette, you are wrong on this one. … You know once it is enacted, it will eventually creep up (we have not had an increase in X number of years). Janesville has been blessed with dedicated public servants through the decades. No one has complained after they left office that they quit cause they could not afford it. Ever.

-- new user

-- There is a premium on the value of free time. If you want smart, dedicated people with the wherewithal to make important decisions, why shouldn't you expect (them) to be paid for their time?

-- Professor

On editorial about Parker coaching change: Everyone involved in this showed their lack of professionalism. (with the exception of Hartwig). My respect for the Janesville school administration sinks lower and lower. Is this how things are done in China? Or Abu Dhabi?

-- *****

-- This lines up with Janesville public schools maximum effort to recruit coaches that are noncontroversial and don't create parent-administrator (or God forbid, legal) headaches for the bureaucrats. What we get in most cases are coaches drawn only from the teacher population and never from the public, that check off most of the boxes but are unremarkable.

-- L7

-- To allow Coach Klawitter's coaching career to end so ingloriously reflects the poorest of forms on the part of the Janesville School District administration. This debacle is compounded by the fact that Jennah Hartwig is victimized by the manner of her appointment as coach, and perhaps that's the biggest shame.

-- Michael Crittenden

-- I tip my hat to Tom Klawitter for taking the high road and not verbalizing his feelings with respect to Hartwig. This was a kick in the pants, and many would not have handled as Klawitter did. … Today's methods at organizations like the Y do nothing but make parents and players believe all is fair and even-steven when it comes to sports.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On downtown amphitheater: (John) Beckord and Forward Janesville, “which is taking the lead on the project,” come up with these ideas, then, it comes down to the city needing to fully plan and fund this stuff.

-- buyusa

-- It's becoming more apparent that the ARISE thing is going to be John Beckord's legacy. He's worried about the momentum of the project slowing down. In my opinion, that translates to taxpayers looking closely and saying, wait, how much is this really going to cost, and who and where are the private investors?

-- Crappie Man

On charges filed in shooting: They are not in jail? A BB gun is a gun and should be considered a weapon. Shooting at people with a BB gun should be no less than shooting at people with a 44 mag. You should not be shooting at people.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Our world is so full of stupid people it is frightening.

-- Oldtimer


On Cooper's hawk: I saw a small hawk carrying a large prey, maybe a small rabbit, through the air at the entrance to Kiwanis Trail near Mercy Hospital on Sunday. Also, there's a pair that hang out on the cross at the top of the steeple of St. Mary's Church, and they make quite a racket with their screeching. I wish I knew more about how to identify the type of hawk.

-- Frank J. Schultz

-- Fun read, thanks for sharing, Greg!

-- Solo_Voce

-- “One can see that the outer feathers are a little shorter than the inner ones.” Had no clue that bird identification was so intricate. Thanks for the update.


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