Input from older adults sought by Rock County Council on Aging

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Shelly Birkelo
July 24, 2015

JANESVILLE—The Rock County Council on Aging is seeking input from older adults about the council's next three-year plan.

“It will be used to develop goals and to decide how the council will spend its money during the next three years, said Joyce Lubben, director.

Every three years, the council is required to develop a three-year plan for how it provides programs and services funded through the Older Americans Act.

The local council provides services that include public information, health promotion activities, transportation, caregiver support and nutrition services for older adults.

It is important for older adults and their families living in Rock County to have a say in this plan, Lubben said.

“You're serving a community and want to make sure what you're offering is relevant to the people you are serving,” she said.

“This is their opportunity to shape how the county provides services to older people during this time span,” she said.

County staff wants to know:

--  What are the top three issues older residents face?

--  What new activities or opportunities would older residents like to see offered?

--  What services or activities do older residents want to see continued?

--  Are there any partnerships older residents would like to see to help the county provide services more efficiently?

People can deliver responses by:

-- Attending a public hearing at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9, at the Rock County Council on Aging, 3328 N. Highway 51, Janesville. The building is handicapped accessible.

-- Emailing Lubben at [email protected]

-- Completing an on-line survey at surveymonkey.com/s/DHCKFZK.

-- Mailing a letter to Lubben at Council on Aging, 51 S. Main St., Janesville, WI 53545.

-- Calling the Council on Aging at 608-757-5472.

A draft plan is due Sept. 1, and the final plan is due Nov. 15 to the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, which is the area agency that has oversight of Older American Act funds, Lubben said.

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