Dog injured in hit-and-run needs front leg amputated

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Sarah Zimmermann
July 24, 2015

JANESVILLE—Dottie the dog, injured by a hit-and-run driver July 8, needs her leg amputated, a veterinarian said.

Last week, The Gazette reported on Dottie, a 2-year-old Australian shepherd, who was hit by a truck after getting loose from David and Nick Utterberg, ages 10 and 9. Her owners were unable to afford the medical bill, leaving Dottie without medical care.

Rose Pomplun, who witnessed the incident, helped Dottie get the medical attention she needed. Pomplun posted Dottie's story on Facebook and set up a GoFundMe page for people to donate, along with driving Dottie to medical visits. Community members donated and helped fund Dottie's initial medical appointments.

Dottie now needs her front left leg amputated, said Dr. Kevin Kreier, small animal veterinarian at Badger Veterinary Hospital.

After the accident, Dottie was balancing on her injured leg, but she was unable to put any weight on it, Pomplun said. Now, Dottie is unable to support herself with the leg and is dragging it.

“I think she will have a better quality of life by removing the leg than having a leg that is not functional,” Kreier said.

“Dogs and cats adapt very well on three legs.They will run around like nobody's business,” Kreier said.

The estimated cost of the procedure is at least $900, Kreier said. Dottie's medical fund currently has $150, which will be used toward the cost of the surgery.

Since the accident, Pomplun said people in the community have come up to Dottie and the Utterberg's, asking about her condition.

“The community is tight-knit and people want to help however they can,” Pomplun said. “It really affected (the boys) to see that people helped.”

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