Web Views for July 17: Wheel tax, Abu Dhabi school, council salaries, Parker coach

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Greg Peck
July 17, 2015


On city raising wheel tax: Why is the option always to raise taxes and borrow? How about this simple proposal. Every future dollar of tax increase and borrowing has to be matched with a dollar cut elsewhere from the budget.

-- Northman

-- “Less than $1 a month is not a significant increase,” from a man earning over $200k in salary and military retirement. There will be no end to this.

-- Crappie Man

-- Should the city lay off 15 policemen to find some of the money? Police and fire is over 50 percent of the budget, and salaries are 80 percent of that. What would be the long-term result of those cuts? … I do not think there are enough nice-to-have things in the budget to slash. If you know some, list them here.

-- new user

-- It seems we can look at Wald Klimczyk for the terrible referendum wording that failed, now causing more wheel tax and borrowing. That streets referendum would likely have passed, if worded correctly.

-- philosophyofliberty

On helping build school in Abu Dhabi: “Superintendent Karen Schulte has been working on the contract for about 18 months.” This, and all the traveling and work with the China deals, it is obvious the local students will be taking a back seat to more important people.

-- buyusa

-- Shame on the Janesville School Board, and I hope people remember this at election time. Janesville Schools, please concentrate on the students in Janesville. Schulte should go to Abu Dhabi and manage the program from that location.

-- wislady

On council pursues salaries: You knew the deal when you ran for the seats. Other places pay; we don't. No breaking news there.

-- Crappie Man

-- The best chance for approval of pay is to exempt all current members from ever benefiting from it (with possibly a provision that allows a current member to benefit from it if he or she is re-elected after one or more terms are missed—either by losing or by merely deciding not to run).

-- gazettefan

-- When are we going to remember that being a good citizen and doing things for our cities by volunteering our time is the way America was meant to be?

-- hdonlybob

On Parker names new girls coach: How did it work when (Joe) Dye got his athletic director job after retiring as a teacher?

-- *****

-- Other head coaching jobs will come available in the area. Tom (Klawitter), if you still want to coach, the change will be good. The challenge of building a winning program elsewhere will show the great coach you are! Go for it!

-- SamMadison

-- Congrats and best wishes to you, Jennah. If you can coach as well as you played, you got it made in the shade, girl!

-- Solo_Voce

On Walworth County beaches: Great, informative article! I've been looking for a fun, clean, family-friendly beach in the area to take my family!

-- #1Grandma

On band director's legacy: This lady, Ann Harsevoort, is one of the things that is completely right in regards to public education. That's what a true legacy is.

-- Mr Glock 19 SK


On gasoline smell: If you are using gas with ethanol in it, that could explain the leaking. Ethanol attacks common rubber seals in the fuel system. They get soft and mushy and leak. Use ethanol-free gas, available at some convenience stores in their “premium” gas. Kwik Trip has it; so do others. Too late for the blower, though. Get a carb kit and replace the seals.

-- Mark Mowbray


On scenes from a rainy day: Interesting to watch the course of the water around town. And I always enjoy the music you match with the scenery, Glen.

-- Solo_Voce


On garden tour: Thanks for the kind words, Greg. … Really, the best part of the garden walk for me was having the chance to talk to so many visitors ... about gardening, of course!

-- Janice Peterson

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