Sound Off for July 12: State budget, court cases, GIFTS plan, guns, Legion baseball

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Greg Peck
July 12, 2015

On Bucks arena: I will never go to a pro basketball game until they raise the hoops up at least three feet and the childish mentality of the players changes. They think they need a new arena. We need our roads done and many other things here first. Let the millionaires build it, and I hope they go broke.

On guns: In response to Wednesday's Sound Off, President Obama is against guns going into the wrong hands; he wants better control. To say he should take guns away from people who protect him is ignorant. To say that we need better protection so the wrong people don't get guns is the right way to go, and that's what our president wants.

On child sex case: I'm referring to “Restitution ordered in child sex abuse case” (Page 3A, Tuesday). I always thought bail was used to allow for a prisoner's release during trial, but now I see it can be used to pay for restitution to the victim. I'm wondering why anybody would ever pay to bail somebody out knowing that.

On open records controversy: The editorial last Sunday was the best ever printed by The Gazette. It was well worth reading once and maybe twice. Hope others noticed it.

On religious wars: A Sound Off comment Wednesday blames religion for unspeakable cruelty and slaughter. Christians are not attempting to spread their religion by the sword. Fifteen hundred years ago maybe, but not today. Neither are Buddhists or Hindus. Only one religion is trying to spread theirs by the sword, and that's Islam.

On prevailing wage: It eliminates competition, and these workers are guaranteed a higher wage than the public sector. Once again, they stick it to struggling taxpayers without a second thought. It should be completely eliminated.

On city park: Took a recent drive through Riverside Park, the most beautiful park in the city, and was dismayed at how ragged it looked. Grass was very long and unkempt.

On Gazette puzzles: A caller in Wednesday's Sound Off stated the puzzles aren't challenging enough. I beg to differ; I love your crossword puzzles. They are challenging and fun. Sometimes I can finish all of your puzzles, and sometimes I can't, but it's just fun.

On roadwork: People seem to forget that Gov. Doyle raided the transportation fund when he was in office. If he would have done what was proper and put those funds toward transportation, we probably wouldn't be in this situation.

On teacher's lawsuit: The story, pictures and records of Maria Caya were picked up by The Associated Press. Imagine how she felt with her face broadcast around the world. Her lack of good judgment was never ticketed, but she was sure bullied by the media. I hope you get a fair settlement, Maria.

On GIFTS proposal: Moving the men's shelter to Washington Street (Page 1A, Thursday) is a very bad idea. It is two short blocks from Washington School. Mentally disabled men, sex offenders and felons will be roaming the area. Please keep our children safe and move GIFTS to a more secluded area.

On Legion baseball: A couple weeks ago, the Janesville coach commented that he lost to Beloit because of a rule change that he did not inform his players of. Since then, they have lost three more to Beloit; he is now 0 and 4 against Beloit. It's time to quit making excuses and coach baseball.

On Milton School District: Why didn't your Thursday story (Page 3A) on the facility needs include anything about the gentleman who spoke up for us who have lost jobs, had cuts in jobs and/or may be on fixed incomes instead of just putting something in that somebody wants to have all this money spent?

On redistricting lawsuit: Democrats have no problem with redistricting done in a political fashion. Their only problem is that it does not benefit their side. It's kind of rich for them to complain that gerrymandering gives the political majority more power. Hypocrisy is par for the course when you talk about the Democratic Party.

On Rep. Loudenbeck: Her July 8 release states how the budget serves the people. It does not. She stated there is an increase in K-12 spending. Many local school districts are seeing K-12 cuts. That money is going to the private sector. She also is for keeping records closed. Bottom line, she is not for the people of her district.

On Forbeck-Folts flap: I applaud Perry Folts for standing up to Judge Forbeck, who seems full of himself (Page 1A, Thursday). It appeared that Folts stated his case plainly and clearly, and that the suspect is incarcerated, so he's not a threat, so it's not like it's most important to get this taken care of like Forbeck was saying.


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