County G, road extension work underway south of Janesville

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Gina Duwe
July 12, 2015



WHAT IS THE PROJECT?: Inman Parkway in the town of Beloit is being extended through vacant land from County G/Prairie Avenue to connect with County S/Shopiere Road, including a bridge over Turtle Creek. The extension, which will be called County BT, will connect to County S about a half-mile from the County S interchange with Interstate 90/39.

Other construction projects in the area include multiple improvements to County G between Philhower Road and Highway 11.

The improvements will help handle additional traffic when drivers detour around I-90/39 during the planned highway expansion project. The new road also will provide a direct link to I-90/39 for northern Beloit and the town of Beloit.

PROGRESS: Crews have been working on grading the new County BT, and starting this week work will begin on building the bridge over Turtle Creek, said Steve Theisen, project communications manager for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

By mid to late August, workers will start on the bridge deck—the driving portion of the bridge, he said. Work also will begin in earnest in August on building the new roadway, he said.

For the County G projects, crews are working on storm sewers between Huebbe Parkway and Philower Road, Theisen said. Hopefully starting this week, crews will begin reconstructing the west side of the road down to the gravel and rebuilding it with new pavement.

All traffic will move to the east side of the roadway, then swap when the east side is rebuilt.

Local traffic is able to get through in both lanes, except for the portion north of Sunny Lane to Highway 11, where a small bridge was demolished last week. The bridge will be out until late September.

A posted detour uses Highway 51 and Cranston Road. Blackhawk Technical College traffic should use the Highway 51 entrance.

Temporary traffic lights will go up in a couple weeks at Highway 11 and County G, where crews will work to increase the size of the intersection and lengthen turn lanes, Theisen said.

WHEN THE PROJECTS ARE DONE: The stoplights at County G and Inman Parkway were temporarily replaced with stop signs. The stoplights will return when the project is done.

County BT will have a stop sign at County S while traffic on County S will continue to be free-flowing. Creek Road also will have stop signs while traffic on BT will not stop at that intersection. 

NAMING A NEW ROAD: The county's public works committee chose “BT” as the name for the new county road after considering a list of suggestions from Rock County Public Works Director Ben Coopman. The “BT” stands for Beloit and Turtle, the two towns where the new road starts and ends.

The state mandates county roads be named with a letter, while state highways are numbers, and town roads have names, Coopman said.

COST: The Inman Parkway extension is expected to cost $4.1 million while the County G improvements are $17.5 million.

Rock Road of Janesville is the general contractor on the projects.

COMPLETION DATE: The new County BT project is scheduled to be done in summer 2016, but there's a chance it might open late this year.

The County G improvements are scheduled to be done by Thanksgiving.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit i39-90.wi.gov for details and maps. People also can click at the top right of the page to sign up for a weekly email with construction updates. Also search “Wisconsin I-39/90 Project” on Facebook for up-to-date details.

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