Lake Geneva Police Department offers self-reporting online

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Andrea Anderson
July 8, 2015

LAKE GENEVA—People can submit incidents and complaints and see city crime statistics online on the Lake Geneva Police Department's new self-reporting website.

The department partnered with ProPhoenix, a security and public safety and software company, to create the website, http://lakegeneva.prophoenix.com.

The service does not replace emergency calls. It is designed for people to report unwanted phone calls, vandalism, lost property, abandoned vehicles, suspicious activities, and parking, traffic and officer complaints within city limits, according to a department news release.

The service is offered as an alternative to going to the police department.

People also can view reported burglaries, thefts, frauds, drunken-driving incidents and road closures on the website.

Users register online with valid email addresses and personal information.

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