Sound Off for July 1: Shootings, Walker, Obamacare, fireworks

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July 1, 2015

On shootings: Another deranged punk uses a gun to snuff out more innocent lives, and all we can focus on is a flag. Is this a great country or what?

-- Black lives only seem to matter if a white person shoots a black person. Black on black holds no importance. Just visit the south side of Chicago for proof of that. Leonard Pitts needs to write about those lives, or don’t they matter?

-- Sunday’s Sound Off comment about getting rid of all guns in the U.S. is naïve at the very least. If anything, the killing of unarmed people in church by someone who, with all the gun laws in place, should never have been able to get a gun, is exactly why American citizens should be armed in order to defend themselves. Laws are only for the law-abiding.

-- We have new calls for gun control under the guise of “bipartisanship” from Sens. Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin after the shooting of nine Christians worshiping in a church. Never mind that the shooter, a deranged, bigoted, drug-addled psychopath, broke no fewer than 10 laws in the process. The elites tell us another gun law would have stopped him in his tracks.

On Scott Walker: He is accusing Hillary Clinton of using equal pay for men and women to divide the country. This from a man whose mantra in running for governor was “divide and conquer.” The man is a joke. Unfortunately, he has left the people in Wisconsin with nothing to laugh about as he flits from place to placed seeking the presidency.

-- For all the people who voted for Walker, why? Is this the train wreck you voted for? Act 10, voter ID, right to work, the abortion law, 70 mph, educators not needing teaching degrees, worse budget in recent memory. Really, this is what you wanted? This is what you voted for?

-- I have good news and bad news for residents of Wisconsin. The good news is Scott Walker is still our governor. The bad news is it looks like he is going to be our next president, so we will be losing him as our governor but maybe we will be able to find another Republican governor to replace him.

On Obamacare: Have you noticed that those who have health insurance are against Obamacare? It’s called greed. Every Republican state and federal legislator in this country has health care paid for by taxpayers, of which thousands have no health care. It’s wrong. Americans are losing their life savings and even homes because of health care costs. Long live Obamacare.

-- Six of the nine justices clearly violated their oath and ignored the mission of the court. They’ve done far more damage to the court than they did to the country. The chief justice suggested that if they rule properly it would cripple the law. That’s beside the point; their job is to interpret statutes.

On traffic patrol: I’m not happy with Janesville police. They spend too much on nailing people for a couple miles per hour over the speed limit but ignore far more serious traffic violations such as unsafe lane changes, rolling stops and obstructing traffic. That’s what I wish they would concentrate on and maybe raise their speed tolerance a little bit.

On same-sex marriage: I will not vote for any candidate for any office in any position that I’m allowed to vote for unless that candidate supports the constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is between a man and a woman and nothing else.

On radical Islam: Such brave agents of radical Islam to exercise their manhood not by attacking organized military but by killing unarmed peaceful citizens in Indonesia, France, and community after community. Time for a real military coalition—500,000 military to end the insanity, whatever it takes.

On burglar: An Edgerton man reportedly found 24 people to steal from (Page 3A, Thursday). It was not reported that the vehicles or buildings were busted into or locked. The next time such people buy a vehicle or building, they should ask the seller why aren’t there locks? Or perhaps a college could teach Locks 101, available free to those who missed the lesson.

On fireworks: This is about the fireworks stands around the state. Why are they allowed to sell these fireworks when they’re illegal to set off in the city or the county unless you have a special permit? It’s totally wrong.

EDITOR’S NOTE: State law prohibits Wisconsinites from buying larger-grade consumer fireworks from stands, but people from out of state can buy them. Fireworks stands in Janesville sell “safe and sane” fireworks. Most of those varieties, provided they don’t spin, shoot off the ground or blow up, are legal to sell, buy, own and use in city limits, no permit required.

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