Tasty in Southern Wisconsin: Riga-Tony's is simply tasty

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Dan White | June 24, 2015

When I visited Riga-Tony's earlier this month, the helpful gentleman behind the counter asked if it was my first time. Although I had been there before, I can understand why he concluded I may have been a newcomer. Despite my inability to make a decision about what to take home that night though, he was very patient with me as I asked a lot of questions.
Although it was not my first or second visit to this great Italian place, I still hadn't yet fully grasped how things work. Customers have many options at Riga-Tony's, including dining in, taking out prepared food or leaving with something they can warm up or prepare at home. I again made rookie mistakes on my most recent trip but none like the embarrassing blunder I committed in my May visit when I didn't realize that closing time was 6 p.m. I was about halfway through my dinner that evening when I noticed that I was the only person still in the place. When I asked why it was suddenly so quiet, a staff member politely responded that the restaurant had actually closed 10 minutes earlier. Riga-Tony's has since switched to their longer summer hours.
I bet the most common mistake is the one I made over the winter. Riga-Tony's is closed during much of the winter and I'm certain I'm not the only one to discover or remember this and do a quick turnaround in the parking lot at 5576 Wisconsin Highway 50 east of Delavan.
Now that I have the experience of several trips, I think I'm ready to take Geneva to Riga-Tony's. I'm sure she'll love it. She's already enjoyed lasagna that I carried out from the dining area counter in my first trip and the Italian beef I chose from the delicatessen case earlier this month. I'll be sure to share the wisdom I've gained from several trips so she can simply focus on the taste of their great food. For example, if she chooses an Italian beef sandwich, I'll be sure to recommend the au jus that can come with it. It's simply tasty.

In case you haven't heard, I'm searching for south-central Wisconsin's tastiest things to eat and drink. When I find them, I'll tell you about them right here.

I can't do it alone so I have a partner to help me with my evaluations and in my efforts to spread the word. My partner goes by the name Geneva Smith. We often use CSI Media's publications to decide which places and items to try.

Please come back to this spot in future weeks to see what Geneva and I choose for our next Tasty Award.

Dan White
CSI Media Food Advocate

I'm also a manager at CSI Media where we work hard to promote our customers through the marketing power of our products

Let me know at [email protected] if you have a recommendation on a tasty meal or treat I should try next.

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