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Best of The Gazette, June 2: Raptors, injuries and a dream come true

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Andrew Reuter
June 2, 2015

The Gazette publishes a lot of news in a week. Combine that with all the distractions a weekend brings, and that means there's a good chance you might have missed some important stories. Here's a look at of some of The Gazette's best content from the last week or so:


Milton's raptor lady teaches people about birds of prey

When Dianne Moller opens the door to her barn, the sounds of wilderness come alive. Deep hoots, long cackles and high trills come from the wild birds who call this shed home. Though these creatures will never again fly well enough to leave, they have a careful caretaker in Moller, who was recently recognized for her rehabilitation work by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

Whitewater business, Geese Police of Wisconsin, shoos geese away

Susan Kinney plopped her kayak onto the shore of Lions Pond in Janesville while a boarder collie named Gael kept her head to the ground tracking for geese on a rainy day in Janesville. In the background, geese honked and scurried into the water. Gael and Kinney's daily mission: Get geese out so people can come in.


Craig's Ian Reinicke overcomes injuries to make state

When healthy, Ian Reinicke is arguably the best triple jumper in the state. The Janesville Craig senior finished fifth in the state in the event as a sophomore and third as a junior. Unfortunately, Reinicke can't stay healthy. Yet he hasn't let that get in the way.

Ted Peck: Biting bluegills perfect for young anglers

There is no better time to get a kid hooked on fishing and away from electronic distraction, Outdoors columnist Ted Peck writes. But this opportunity for easy fishin' will swim away soon.


Our Views: Don't let parking skew vision for downtown Janesville

Here are seven words for those on a city committee planning to include more parking in downtown Janesville's redevelopment: A parking lot is not a destination. The Gazette Editorial Board offers these cautionary words after seeing the latest drawing for the key stretch of riverfront between Milwaukee and Court streets.

Greg Peck: The lure of a TV infomercial

A TV infomercial caught Greg Peck at a weak moment recently. After fending off operator sales pitches by the dozen, he's now the new owner of a Worx GT 2.0 trimmer. Will it stand up to real yard use? Peck finds out.


Madison to serve as launch site for 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour

As publisher of Hot Rod Magazine, Jeff Dahlin is living every gearhead's dream. For one week each year he invites the car-loving public into his world. This year, you could be among them. The 2015 tour departs Saturday, June 6, from the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

Restaurant Review: Beer, food selection keep Flying Hound Alehouse in the hunt

Comfort food along with local and European beers are keys to the success of the Flying Hound Alehouse, which opened a year ago on Fitchburg's bustling west side.


Local teen with health issues has wish granted

Breyley Stephenson, 16, of Janesville was dealt a rough hand from the moment he was born with two life-threatening heart complications. But one of his dreams came true Friday.

The Hungry Reporter: Black bean vegan veggie burger packs a flavorful punch

Finding a veggie burger that has less than a dozen ingredients, doesn't crumble and pleases everyone at the dinner table is harder than you would think. That's why this quick and flavorful vegan burger recipe really stands out, food columnist Andrea Anderson writes.

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