Your Views: Larry Harding solves problems for town of Plymouth

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April 3, 2015

I have lived in, owned property and paid taxes in the town of Plymouth since 1981. I attend almost all Plymouth Town Board meetings and many committee meetings and hearings. I have personally had issues handled by the Plymouth Town Board. This is what I have observed of Town Chairman Larry Harding.

Larry is always open to citizen input. Residents are invited to speak at every board meeting on every agenda item. If you call Larry on the phone, he will return your call. If you have concerns to discuss, he will come to your house.

Larry believes in impartial, consistent government based on law. No favoritism. He has worked diligently to update zoning and codify ordinances and place the town in compliance with state statutes and protect it from liability.

Larry is frugal. Under Larry’s management, there has been no borrowing and no squandering of town resources. The town of Plymouth’s budget balances.

Larry advocates for his constituents. He successfully pressured the state to remove pedophiles placed in Hanover and developed an ordinance to prevent future placements.

Larry gets problems solved. Finally closed is the trailer park whose owner refused to correct years of health and safety violations.

Larry has heart. Our strays are cared for at the humane society, paid for by dog license fees and without burden on the tax levy.

So, on April 7, vote for Larry Harding. He deserves it!




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