Your Views: In Orfordville, stick with David Olsen, Beth Schmidt

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April 1, 2015

Change is good and many times your right. However, this is not a time for change in our village. On April 7, it is imperative that we continue to move forward as residents of the village of Orfordville. That is why I am asking for your vote for President David Olsen.

As many of you have witnessed, we are moving forward in Orfordville. President Olsen has been right there, involved and leading on several fronts, including the Fall Fest, Farmers Market, supporting our new library, designing a new web page and approving needed updates to the old library for our new Lions Club. He is working on an Economic Renovation Committee with Gary Phillips and me.

We have several upgrades that are needed in the village. President Olsen will look at all sides to make sure we are making fiscally responsible decisions and continue to ensure that our community has essential services. This is not a time for a change in stable leadership.

I want to thank the many residents who have come out this past year to lead, work on and support the many events we had in the village. We have pulled together as a community.

I do humbly ask for your vote as well on April 7. I will be up for re-election and would like to continue to serve our community in this capacity.

Please vote for David Olsen for village president and for me as village board trustee.




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