Your Views: Judge Forbeck believes David O'Leary is wrong choice for Rock County judge

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March 31, 2015

District Attorney David O'Leary is a candidate for judge in Rock County Circuit Court Branch 5. I am currently the judge in Branch 5.

O'Leary claims that Branch 5 is a criminal court. O'Leary is wrong.

All Rock County courts are general courts. The courts rotate. None is a permanent court. Branch 5 was a civil court for the first two years after I became judge.

O'Leary claims he will be a criminal court judge in Branch 5. O'Leary is wrong.

All criminal cases are issued by O'Leary because he is the district attorney. O'Leary cannot be both the prosecutor and the judge in any criminal case. Ethically, he would be required to recuse himself from any pending criminal case. It will be some time before O'Leary can take any criminal case because of his conflict as prosecutor and as judge if elected.

O'Leary has been a prosecutor for 18 years. He has little or no experience in other areas of the law. He will severely hamper the court system by this lack of knowledge or experience.

I endorse Mike Haakenson as judge in Rock County Circuit Court Branch 5. He has a broad breadth of experience in all areas of law. He is responsible and well-respected.

He is presently a court commissioner in Rock County. He is able to make decisions after thought but without hesitation.

O'Leary is wrong about the criminal courts, and he is wrong for Rock County.

Vote for Mike Haakenson.




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