Your Views: Douglas Marklein brings needed leadership to Janesville City Council

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March 31, 2015

We support Douglas Marklein in his re-election campaign for the Janesville City Council. He has proven in one term to be a leader who is not afraid to speak out for the taxpayers. He oversaw the fire station design and worked with the steering committee to make sure the design was functional, cost-efficient and appropriate for the chosen location.

Doug was an early supporter of the downtown ARISE plan and of economic developments throughout the city and the region. He has brought a balanced cost vs. value approach to moving the city forward, which was sorely needed in the city council.

What we appreciate most about Doug is his ability to listen to all sides and make a considered decision based on what is right for all the citizens. He then explains his vote in language that the citizens can understand.

We would urge all voters to support Douglas Marklein on April 7. Support common sense, independent thinking and a true concern for the future of Janesville.




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