Your Views: Kay Deupree will listen to all in serving Janesville City Council

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March 30, 2015

Kay Deupree for Janesville City Council! We support Kay and her philosophy of listening to all voices within the city.

We have seen Kay in action since 1990, when she, her husband, Neil, and their two daughters moved to Janesville. Kay has integrity, honesty and compassion. She is insightful, creative, willing to ask those difficult questions and is a strong team player. When Kay takes on a task, you know it will be done well and she will involve as many others as possible.

Kay is an active listener! She is able to put people at ease, allowing for open and honest conversations. She believes in the importance of listening to all voices, no matter how small, and strives to include the underrepresented.

Kay’s actions mirror her convictions! In 1997, she and Neil purchased a home in the Fourth Ward. They enjoy the diversity of people who reside there. They volunteer monthly at the House of Mercy. We have personally observed Kay using her straightforward skills for the YWCA Racial Justice Committee and the Affirmative Action Committee of Blackhawk Technical College. She is a woman of action! She can be counted on.

Janesville has honored Kay’s talents through the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, the Rock County Hall of Honor Award, and The Gazette’s “People Who Matter.” Kay’s strong leadership skills have been acknowledged within the community!

Join us in voting for Kay for city council on April 7!




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