Your Views: Here’s why Evansville voters should reject ‘Move to Amend’

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March 30, 2015

I attended the Evansville “Move-to-Amend” meeting that is promoting the April 7 ballot measure. The speakers addressed legitimate issues about the problems of big corporation money in elections. They are hoping we will add our collective voices against the influence of corporation money in elections by voting against the Citizens United Supreme Court case.

It was obvious that they represent the progressive movement, and their effort is, in many respects, a kickback against the tea party movement and its successes. I felt they were unfair in their presentation in many respects, one being that they cited by name many of the conservative big-money influences in our election processes while failing to mention the liberal or progressive financial influences, such as billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, who are pouring uncountable millions into our elections to influence outcomes.

Are supporters of this measure implying that conservative money is evil but liberal money is not? With great skill, they’re asking us to vote against something “bad” that is really a choice to support an unpresented alternative. With difficulty, I extracted from the speaker what his unpresented alternative is. Simply, the unpresented alternative is in essence a progressive/socialist finance scheme that will require all candidates to spend equal money for their campaigns, money they receive from the government supplied by the courtesy of taxpayers. How nice. The progressive dream, a government-controlled and government-supplied utopia that even finances elections.

Embrace with me challenges of freedom, and vote against “Move-to-Amend.”




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