Web Views for Feb. 27: GM plant, Janesville Mall, Bishop Buffet draw comments

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February 27, 2015


On Freitag seeks GM answers: Maybe the right-to-work law will have some bearing on GM's decision? GM is having a tough time with all the lawsuits, etc. Thank you, Mr. Freitag, for trying to get a jump on this. Being a longtime GM employee, I don't see GM coming back to Janesville, but who knows?

-- Oldtimer

-- Anyone who has tried to negotiate, communicate or work with GM since the government bailout and ensuing bankruptcy can tell you they are more arrogant and emboldened than ever. Janesville and the state should make them raze the facility and clean up the property.

-- Joyce Snyder

-- Why should GM spill the beans on their plans for the plant? Is it not their right, as property owners, to be able to run their business without busybodies knowing their plans? How many other companies in Janesville must tell the public of business plans or else? It seems to me that a few people in Janesville have control issues.

-- buyusa

-- Whoa, busybodies knowing their plans? It's the largest industrial site in the area. It was the largest tax base in the city/county. It was the largest utility customer. Obviously the largest employer. Major buyer of goods and services. I'd say, yes, after five plus years, we have every right to know what GM's plans are for what has become the huge eyesore in … our city.

-- Crappie Man

On Janesville Mall plans: Dear Janesville Mall, a survey of Janesville residents might be helpful. #gordmans please!

-- SamMadison

-- This will keep people from shopping in Madison? We have a food court that has a hair salon and cellular store in it. Face it; Janesville is not big enough for CBL to get a large retailer to occupy the full space at the former JCPenney site. They have downsized and subdivided several spaces over the years to attract smaller “mom and pop” no-name stores just to increase occupancy rates.

-- Duncan

-- A mall renovation won't counter the change in people's shopping habits. Older generations aren't in shape to walk around big malls as much as they used to (that may explain why “mini-malls” are springing up in far corners of large store parking lots), and younger generations are shopping online.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- The mall could use a couple of bars and some nightlife.

-- gazettefan

-- Wow, remind me not to talk to any of you if I'm depressed and need someone to cheer me up.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- It's OK, Joe. People are just too polite to voice their concern about all the money the investors and new tenants are spending. If you saw the council meeting (Feb. 23), you'd realize in the future, Milton Avenue will just be a gateway to Destination Downtown, the pulsing heart of the community. Café Carpe?

-- Crappie Man

On editorial on license plate scanners: If the data is stored, it is available for potential abuse, by government entities, individual government employees with access and by hackers.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- If we want to preserve what's left of our “right to privacy,” these systems need to be regulated. The argument that the information could come in handy in the future is a red herring. At the very least, law enforcement should not be able to access the stored information without a warrant. Laws need to keep up with technology.

-- Professor


To Greg Peck: Bishop Buffet was indeed a class act. The seating was as pictured, and the elegance caused people to eat like they were in a restaurant. Today, buffets have become a glorified food trough with manners to match.

-- Nick Danger

-- I really liked Bishop Buffet, and a lot of folks were upset when it closed.

-- wislady

-- I agree w/Nick, Bishop's was a class act with food and ambiance to match. I was so happy to find a Bishop's here when I moved to Janesville. Alas, it closed soon after I arrived.

-- witaxman

-- These guys had come and gone long before I got there, but I find these stories fascinating. Great work—keep 'em coming, please!

-- Northman

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