That white and gold dress? It's actually blue and black

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Andrew Reuter
February 27, 2015

You might have seen some Internet buzz about a dress lately.

Is it blue and black? Or white and gold? See for yourself on Tumblr. Warning: Swear words ahead.

It's clearly blue and black, if you look at the original photo. But why is that fact less clear in the photo that went viral? Vice News found a vision color expert to explain the confusion:

The photo was probably taken in blueish lighting, which makes your brain think that the dress is actually white. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is why some peoples' brains perceive this as blue and others perceive this as white. Dr. Neitz specifically studies individual differences in how people see, and he'd never seen anything like this.

"In general, you're going to see differently than the person next to you. But this is a huge difference. I mean, this really takes the cake."

Read the rest of the explanation over at Vice. Thanks to Vox.com for the tip.

For the record, I saw blue and black right away.

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