The Time is Now: A little help makes life-changing difference for single mom

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Sal Dimiceli | February 23, 2015

Dear W.C.,

I am a single mother of two beautiful children. The children's father has no contact with us and does not pay his child support. I have been working two jobs just to make ends meet. Between rent, gas, car insurance, health insurance, utilities, food, child care and supporting my children I can never seem to get ahead. We are always barely one step ahead of homelessness. I never wanted to raise my children like this, feeding them buttered noodles and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner several days each week. Right now we are almost a month behind in our rent because I lost my second job due to the company shutting down. I am also late with my utilities. A woman that works at the factory I work at told me about your organization. I have never asked for help before in my life, but I am asking now for my children. Please help us.

Dear Readers,

I called the mother to visit with her and the children. We arranged a time for the following day. The next day I arrived at the apartment that was above a garage in the city. I knocked on the door and since the weather was decent the mother asked if we could take the children for a walk to the nearby park. I told her that would be fine.
After we introduced ourselves and I met the two children, we began our walk and talk.

I could see the mother and children had very old worn shoes. I made a mental note to make sure these children and mother were provided with gift cards and a shopping trip for shoes and clothing.

As we talked the mother became less reserved as she gained more trust in me. I asked her about the situation with the children's father and his lack of child support.  The mother shared her story, the same story I have sadly heard many times. The mother said, “We were real happy until I became pregnant. He did not want the responsibility. When I became pregnant with my second child he changed even more. It seemed like all the joy and motivation left him. He was angry all the time. I found drugs in the glove box of his car one day and confronted him. He went crazy and became violent. I threatened to call the police on him and he went in the house, collected his belongings and left. Just like that he walked out of our life and never returned. He broke my heart.” By the time she finished her story she was crying. The children were happily playing on the playground so they did not have to hear our conversation and see their mother's tears.

I asked questions about her family and any other support system she may have in her life. It turned out the only friend she has is the woman she works with that also takes her to church each week. The mother told me about her own family's problems with abuse and alcohol that had driven her to marry to get away. The mother said, “All I wanted was to bring up my children in a loving home with a mother and a father that took care of them, plenty of food and love. I failed them.” She began to cry again. I reassured her she was not failing her children. I said, “Your love for your children has kept you by their side, loving and caring for them. You asked The Time Is Now to Help for help and I know that was not easy for you to do. You are a loving mother doing everything to provide for your children. That is not being a failure. We will help you get back on track.” I could see hearing these words meant a lot to this mother. She had been doubting her ability to care for her children, kind words of reassurance regained her attention to continue to be a strong mother.

We talked about her job and what hours she needed to work to cover her shortage in her budget each month. I asked about her hourly rate and benefits. We discussed her work skills. I knew of a better paying job that would also provide a few hours of overtime each week, providing the extra money previously provided by two jobs. She also would be much closer to this employment, lowering her gas costs, wear and tear on her car and saving her eight hours of driving time each week. I made the call to the owner of the business and set her up for an interview. The mother was so grateful for this help. “I am so happy I contacted The Time Is Now to Help. Now maybe I can save up for the shoes and to pay my utilities.” I smiled as I said, “We are bringing your utilities and rent up to date too. I cannot leave here thinking about you and your children struggling to catch up.” This brought new tears to her eyes. I explained how all of “You” who support The Time Is Now to Help are helping our fellow creations. She wanted me to thank all of “You” for all the blessings of help for her children.
We agreed to meet again after her job interview. She collected her children and I walked them back to her apartment. She showed me where they lived. This was not the usual garage apartment. This was a full size apartment with a nice size kitchen, two bedrooms and a good sized living room built over a large three car garage. The apartment was very sparsely furnished and the cabinets and refrigerator had little food. As I prepared to leave I gave the mother three gift cards, one for gas and two for food. Her eyes filled with tears of appreciation. I said goodbye with a promise to return.

The mother called me very excited after the job interview. The interview turned out to be excellent and included her first day on the job. She said, “I got the job! The owner had me help her all day. We got along great!” I saw a new side of this mother, happy, excited and ready to take her lead. I told her the owner had called me and was nearly as excited as she was to have enthusiastic help. My dear friends, to get out of a financial situation you need to work hard to make a difference. This mother was willing to do the work needed to get out of her financial hardship. This hardworking, loving mother just needed an opportunity to prove herself.

Our assistance with rent, bringing her utilities up to date, and the job were life changing. All of “You” made this life change possible. I share with all of “You” the gratitude and thanksgiving told to me by this renewed strong mother.

God Bless all of you for making "Our" The Time Is Now to Help so special. Together we will continue to remove the many pains of poverty including: hunger, loneliness, fear and homelessness… Together we provide hope, compassion, care, shelter, food, ...all the necessities of daily life, through our Caring and Sharing. God Bless all of "You" for helping.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal    

Please Help: There are many coming to us in desperation. Our good fellow creations need our compassion. Together we make a big difference. Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now to Help, P.O. Box 1, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing how your donation provided assistance for the poverty stricken.                      

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