Tasty in Southern Wisconsin: Messy burgers worthy of Tasty Award

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Dan White | February 4, 2015

It was smart to take off my tie before heading into the Brick House Bar & Grill to try a Guinness BBQ Melt recently. The burger was messy and I was sure to have spilled BBQ sauce on one of my favorite ties.

You better ask for extra napkins if you order the Guinness Burger with Guinness BBQ Sauce or the Big Louie Burger topped with Louisiana BBQ pulled pork at the Brick House, 328 E. Walworth Ave., in Delavan, or at either of the two area Whiskey Ranch Bar & Grill locations. The burgers are loaded with flavorful toppings and it's tough to keep them together as you eat. These messy burgers are so tasty though that they are worth the extra clean-up effort, and I am recognizing them with a Tasty Award.
The Brick House and the Delavan Whiskey Ranch at W9002 Wisconsin Highway 11, have an ownership connection with each other and with the Whiskey Ranch at 24 N. Main St. in Janesville. You'll find these same burgers on all of the menus.
Geneva and I split up for this assignment. Geneva had her burger in downtown Janesville as I visited the two Delavan locations.  The menus include several intriguing options but I likely had two of the best burgers which are made from fresh Angus beef.
The people at these pubs are friendly and professional. In two of my three visits, they learned my first name quickly and used it regularly as they provided excellent service. 
In case you haven't heard, I'm searching for south-central Wisconsin's tastiest things to eat and drink. When I find them, I'll tell you about them right here in CSI Media's Wednesday edition.
I can't do it alone so I have a partner to help me with my evaluations and in my efforts to spread the word. My partner has decided to stay anonymous and goes by the name Geneva Smith. We often use CSI Media's publications to decide which places and items to try.
Please come back to this spot in future weeks to see what Geneva and I choose for our next Tasty Award.
Dan White
CSI Media Food Advocate

I'm also a manager at CSI Media where we work hard to promote our customers through the marketing power of our products.
Let me know at [email protected] if you have a recommendation on a tasty meal or treat I should try next.

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