Truly Blessed

ALS patient James Martin shares his journey.

James Martin: On becoming the type of man I rebelled against

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James Martin
January 27, 2015

It has been said that getting old beats the alternative, but looking into the social mirror makes me wonder. The world has changed over the last thirty years and I have evolved with it. I am now much wiser, and my world view is correct; just ask me. Back then I was young, idealistic, bursting at the seams to change the world to conform to my naiveté.

Now I have a chair, referred to as dad's chair. This is disheartening because my dad had a chair and that is when I thought he was old. Back then he watched 60 Minutes and Murder She Wrote. Sunday night I watched 60 Minutes and later, Downton Abbey, on Masterpiece Theater....on PBS....in my chair.....with a blanket on my lap. I am wondering about that alternative right about now. At least my DVR doesn't flash 12:00 like the monstrous