Janesville home invasion leads to arrest of victims

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Frank Schultz
January 6, 2015

JANESVILLE—Two armed men burst into a Janesville couple's apartment Friday, leading to arrests not of the invaders but of the couple.

The case shows the dangers of selling marijuana, a Janesville police official said.

According to the criminal complaint, the men were wearing handkerchiefs on their faces and carrying guns when they kicked in the back door to the apartment at 456 N. Chatham St. on the city's south side.

The residents, Cody J. Odom and Briahna M. Boudreau, both 19, fled out the front door to a neighbor's door, where they asked a resident to call 911.

The neighbor told police the looks on the couple's faces were “real terror,” according to a criminal complaint filed in Rock County Court.

Odom told police he saw the two men get into a car and drive away.

As reported earlier, police later arrested the couple on marijuana-dealing charges.

Odom told police he knew the men and that he had an ongoing dispute with one of them related to Odom's ex-girlfriend dating one of the men.

Police, however, listened to a phone call Boudreau made from the jail the next day in which she said she believed the men were after “the bud” that Odom had just received, according to the complaint.

Boudreau in the same conversation said “she really thought they were going to kill Odom,” the complaint states.

Police noticed an odor of marijuana coming from Odom and Boudreau after the home invasion, according to the criminal complaint. Officers entered the apartment in a “protective sweep,” the complaint states, and found pieces of marijuana leaves on a dresser.

Police got a search warrant and found about 2 ounces of marijuana that appeared to be packaged for sale, hidden in a closet.

Police also reported finding a digital scale and items used for smoking marijuana, including a Scooby Doo bong.

Drug deals going bad are common here, but Janesville rarely sees armed robbers bursting into a dealer's home, said Deputy Chief Dan Davis of the police department.

Such home invasions are often seen elsewhere around the country, however.

“There are certainly some lifestyles that put you at a higher risk for such things. I would say that this is one of those,” Davis said.

Police believe the robbers took a cellphone but nothing else. They remain at large.

Odom faces charges of possession with intent to deliver marijuana, maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession of drug paraphernalia. Boudreau faces the same charges as party to those crimes.

Odom also is charged with felony bail jumping.

Odom and Boudreau were released on signature bonds at court hearings Monday. As a condition of the bonds, they are not to have any contact with each other.

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