Your Views: Has Gov. Walker become our Teflon governor?

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December 22, 2014

Invented in 1938, Teflon is “one of the most slippery materials in existence.” Nothing sticks to your pots; it just slides right off. Ronald Reagan was referred to as “the Teflon president.” Criticism over happenings during Reagan’s administration rarely stuck to him. My question: Is Scott Walker the Teflon governor of Wisconsin?

Scott Walker ran for governor in 2010 while being the Milwaukee County executive. His county staff coordinated efforts for the governor’s campaign. After being elected governor, members of his county staff, including the deputy chief of staff and others working down the hall from Walker’s office, were found guilty of using county time and computers, and soliciting campaign money for his election to governor. Walker dismissed having any knowledge of staff doing this unlawful activity. Like Teflon, these charges haven’t stuck.

Gov. Walker helped raise funds for Republicans recalled from state office. He got help from Wisconsin Club for Growth, a conservative group. During the recall, Gogebic Taconite donated $700,000 to Club for Growth. Gogebic wants to mine in Wisconsin and was awarded the contract by Wisconsin’s Assembly, Senate and governor, all Republican-controlled. Naturally, Walker seemed not to be aware of money coming from Gogebic to this conservative group. Like Teflon: Nothing sticks to our governor.

Gov. Walker is thinking about running for president in 2016. Instead of being our Teflon governor, I hope he becomes our Gorilla Glue leader. Will these suspicious dealings finally stick to him as the Teflon chips away?




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