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John W. Eyster: Consider the source in Burke attack

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By John W. Eyster
October 31, 2014

Regular readers of my WE THE PEOPLE blog know that I’ve had a growing list of topics/issues for blog posts.  I have not posted because of time.  Like all other persons, I have only 24 hours/day and only 7 days/week.  I have had to invest my time in other priorities.

The ATTACK ON MARY BURKE by REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES went so over the top that I had to make time to write a post NOW.  My TO DO list is plenty long, but NOW IS THE TIME!

I’ve been following the gubernatorial campaign diligently.  I voted early last week.  And then came the ATTACK reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last Wednesday (10/29), “Ex-Trek execs with conservatives ties say Mark Burke was forced out.”

I was interested to read the very thoughtful review of the documentation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial, “Attack on Mary Burke:  Consider the source.”

I URGE YOU to read this review of the documentation with its significant point, “Consider the source.”  Read the paragraphs which are developed under the heading, “Here’s what we know:” Each paragraph begins with the word, “Fact.”

Having read and re-read the editorial, I agree fully with the closing paragraph, “No voter should base his or her decision on 20-year-old twaddle from a fired Trek employee who now is a Republican county chairman — all dredged up a week before the election. There are plenty of good issues to vote on, including Burke's record as a businesswoman. After all, she brought it up. But these reports prove nothing and say more about the attackers than they do about her.”

I hope you will consider the FACTS and “CONSIDER THE SOURCE.”

My reaction to this attack hit me extra hard because just last Sunday I had been listening to “This American Life” on Wisconsin Public Radio.  I was honestly just listening as I drove home.  My attention was grabbed when the last segment, “It Says So Right Here.” I urge YOU to listen to this introduction; I think it’ll grab your attention too.

The segment focuses on the experience of Joshua Inglett, a student at UW-Platteville, who was nominated by Governor Scott Walker to be one of the two student regents serving on the UW Board of Regents.  He was vetted and taken to the Capitol to be introduced to members of the legislature.  Within hours of that round of introductions, Governor Scott Walker WITHDREW JOSHUA’s nomination to serve on the UW-Board of Regents.  WHY?  JOSHUA, then 18, signed the RE-CALL PETITION AGAINST SCOTT WALKER when home in Portage, WI visiting his parents.

Yes, the ONE & ONLY REASON for the withdrawal was that JOSHUA signed the RECALL PETITION!

Be sure YOU know that JOSHUA considers himself a REPUBLICAN.  NOTE that the Walker staff never asked JOSHUA about WHY he signed the RECALL PETITION.  They just concluded Joshua Inglett was an ENEMY.  In fact, anyone and everyone who signed the RECALL PETITION against Scott Walker was an ENEMY!  Talk about "Enemies List."  I have haunting recollection of an infamous "Enemies List" tied with The White House - do YOU?  Remember US President Richard Nixon?  I do! 

The reasons for JOSHUA’s signature on the RECALL PETITION were NOT political – they were PERSONAL in terms of his mother and former teachers in Portage, WI!

I honestly urge that you listen to the segment, “It Says So Right Here” from “This American Life” to gain full

awareness of the situation because it includes interviews with JOSHUA INGLETT.   WI Governor Walker.  WI State Senator Dale Schultz (Rep) who represented UW-Platteville and was a member of the Senate Committee which would vote on confirmation of Joshua’s nomination.  The segment quotes from a letter sent from Senator Schultz to Governor Walker urging reconsideration of the withdrawal of Joshua’s nomination. 

Having listened to the segment, I was feeling OUTRAGED by the POLITICAL REVENGE carried out by Governor Scott Walker against WI State Citizens who signed the RECALL PETITION against him after he won re-election!

If you prefer to read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article about the withdrawal of JOSHUA INGLETT’s nomination, it was published June 14, 2013, “Scott Walker pulls student’s regents appointment over recall petition.”

Then the segment added a situation about which I had NOT been previously aware:  The ATTACKS on Ozaukee Judge WOLFGRAM because he too signed the RECALL PETITION.  As I listened, I confess that I was again OUTRAGED!  Where did this level of POLITICAL REVENGE come from?!  Put this in context with Governor Walker’s own statements after he won the recall election that NOW we must forget the recall and move ahead to unite WI!  WI State Senator Schultz cited that statement in his letter to the governor expressing his agreement with Walker.

Again, one should note that TOM WOLFGRAM was a REPUBLICAN.  He did NOT sign the RECALL PETITION as an “ENEMY” of Scott Walker!  He perceived himself to be supporting WE THE PEOPLE of WI.  Listen to his rationale in the interview with him in the radio segment.

I confess that I was APPALLED at what I learned listening to the “It Says So Right Here” segment of “This American Life.”  LISTEN and consider.  What do YOU think?  I’m interested in YOUR comments!

Next Tuesday (11/4) is our ELECTION DAY!  BE SURE to cast an INFORMED vote!  “If you don’t VOTE, you don’t COUNT,” as my friend, STAN MILAM, radio talk-show host, says!

John W. Eyster lives in the Edgerton area. He is an adjunct professor assigned with the online/distance education faculty of Viterbo University, LaCrosse. He continues his personal mission supporting democracy/civics education in Wisconsin K-12 schools through Project Citizen, We the People, Discovering Democracy (Milton HS). John is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff or management.

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