Your Views: Let’s send Scott Walker, Paul Ryan toward private-sector jobs

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October 19, 2014

Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are career politicians who are joined at the hip when they decry that their constituents receive assistance from governmental programs. However, Walker and Ryan, who are young and able-bodied, obviously relish being dependent on government paychecks.

Oh, I’m sorry, they call themselves “public servants.” Ryan has been on the taxpayers’ payroll for 16 continuous years, plus receiving Social Security benefits while attending Janesville Craig High School. Walker has been a public employee for 21 straight years after leaving Marquette University during his junior year, and he hasn’t pursued any further education since then.

Walker and Ryan extol the virtues of people working in the “private sector.” Well, why don’t they try it? Then they would get a taste of what the average individual goes through on a daily basis by putting food on the table, paying rent or mortgages, utility bills, etc.

Ryan says he’s serving “the hard-working people in his district.” Hard work isn’t something that Ryan does because the U.S. House of Representatives is in session less than half of the time. Try that in the “private sector,” and you’d be fired!

The good news is that voters have an opportunity Nov. 4 to fire our employees, Walker and Ryan, so they can seek work in the “private sector.” Let’s move Wisconsin forward and vote for Mary Burke and Ron Zerban. They will work for the people and not the Koch brothers and special-interest groups.




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